MiracleTele Airdrop is back💥(~ $18 + ref) 27.04.2019

3년 전

MiracleTele Airdrop is back💥
get between 25-90 TELE✨


  1. Sign up for the website (JOIN THE AIRDROP)
  2. Verify your email and log in
    Go to your dashboard and click on “Take part in our airdrop campaign“
  3. Visit Telegram airdrop page
  1. Start the Telegram bot and join Telegram group and link your Telegram username to the airdrop page. (+25 TELE)
  2. Visit Facebook airdrop page
    Like Facebook page, repost the pinned post and submit your details to the airdrop page. (+20 TELE)
  1. Visit Twitter airdrop page
    Follow Twitter, retweet the pinned tweet and submit your details to the airdrop page. (+20 TELE)
  1. Stack your tokens for the first time (+25 TELE)
    You will get 90 TELE tokens

(~ $18 + ref) 26.04.2019
Follow @harimbadl
Join Airdrop channel for more

peace love and MIRACLE TELE

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