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@hepplanet I already joined it but I don't about the it's fake or Genuine



I think I can help you, tell me more about her.

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I'll join this


Thanks bro

thank u for earning infomation

@helloplanet it nice information bro

Wow, good offer need to join ,what is the procedure to get coins

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Do some social task earn points and get free token.

Thanks bro for sharing this information.... keep it up..

MediBit's globalized medical platform will allow the population to access their medical data faster, secure, and hassle-free.


R u going to take part in airdrop.....???

These airdrops has many T&C and I hate it.

nice blog
pleasss upvt to upvy

Both airdrop are good thanks for the news bro.

nice information. up voted to you.
even my blog is related to travel, if you like my blog. up voted to me. thank you in advance.


Your article is really first of its kind on Steemit

It looks nice but is it really genune. There is so much airdrop.

Nice airdrop, i will join