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This is the worst scenario in the airport when your schedule already been made and suddenly the check-in agent told you, “Sorry sir, flight is overbooked, you can’t fly on this flight.”, it is a very upsetting statement that will ruin all your plans.
As per the airline rule and legally, based on IATA (International Airport Transportation Agency) all airline is allowed to overbook the flight 20% of its capacity, this is for the airline to make sure that it will get the full revenue of the certain flight.

What to do when you are denied by your flight due to overbooking?

Don’t get upset with the agent, keep calm, anger doesn’t help anything it just makes things worse. First, Ask the agent on what to do and ask them what are the options to get to your destination. They have already planned regarding about your flight. They have a list of options on which flight you going to take. It is either you will go by different airline by transit or direct flight. Pretty sure that in your place there are other airlines to take.

Do we get compensation for it?

Definitely yes!!!. They should give you compensation to it and it is a rule. Every airline has its own compensation of payment. These are examples; they will give you voucher that you can use to buy ticket on the future, or use it to pay for any baggage excess on your next travel, a certain amount of money that will cover up some expenses during your stay, they will give you also hotel, transportation or accommodation to stay while waiting for your next flight and it will be charged to the airline. And they must rebook you on your next flight. Hence, every airline has its own compensation.

You don’t want to be denied on the flight right?

Always make it a habit every time you travel, check-in online. It is the best way to reserve your seat. No one can take you seat anymore once you do it online. If unable to check-in online, just be at the airport as early as possible, your international flight opens the counter check-in fours hours before your departure, domestic flights open 2 hours.

So next time you travel, make sure you check-in online, if not go to the airport early as possible. It is first to come, first served. 

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i experience also having left by the plane. its sooo frustrating. hmf

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