An Experiment Goes Right!

11개월 전

So we were thinking about doing a counterclockwise thread for the C-12 project for a while but wasn’t sure about the process of doing so. Initially, I thought we’d have to go back and redo the whole barrel design because the object might break in the software, which has happened before that the most inopportune moment. So just tinkering with the tools, shapes, and such, I looked at the helix which is the main parameter for the thread cuts. I saw that under its information tab that it said left hand. I thought to myself if I could change that setting to right hand it could change the direction of the cut, or it could mess up a lot of chamfering and fillets that were done and the geometry linked to them! “Crap!” I wanted to try it, but I don’t want to have to do this stuff all over again!

So, I went ahead and made a separate copy as a throwaway, just in case, and I switch the helix’s orientation. Waited about ten seconds for it to process, and it felt like an eternity! Then it stopped and BOOM, the threads had switched directions, for the first time since I got the software randomly experimenting with settings and things resulted in an absolute win!

Needless to say I’m happy about the result and with how very nicely the threads printed out.

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Thanks again my friends, and have fun in all your daily adventures!


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