I will fight all enemies foreign,domestic, and E.T./Short Fiction

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This event occurred roughly between 1993/94. The main character was roughly 20 years old, In the U.S.Army and was stationed in Darmstadt, Germany.

I woke up in my living room sitting in the corner, knees in my chest. Wearing just a standard US Army BDU for the time. Staring out trying to make sense of what's going on, My first thought was,"how the hell did they clean out my living room, all the furniture was gone, It was my exact living room in Darmstadt German, except this one was clean as a whistle. I started to panic after a spell, I felt like I was in a trance, I couldn't move, I had no understanding of what the hell was going on, it felt like a form of sleep paralysis and I went into a full blown panic and started fighting like life and death trying to break free out of the corner I was sitting in.

Then a voice entered my mind, it was telepathic, yet clear as a bell. The voice said," relax, we are here to help you, we can fix you if you like, and that was when I realized I was not alone, I felt long spindly fingers planted on the back of my neck and head, as my adrenaline was spiking, my fight or flight response was ripping hard, the the connection between me and this being seemed to lesson as we were fighting for control of my mind trying to induce me back into a suggestive trance. I gained enough control to all of a sudden spring forward on my hands and knees. In a split second I seen my captor for the first time. This Alien being was standing behind me the whole time with its fingers on the back of my head attempting to control me, It looked very identical to an alien grey yet had a more pinkish flesh tone mixed in with grey, This being appeared to be no more than 4' tall and wore no clothing or uniform. It was the longest second of my life.

Right at the point I lunged forward and became aware of my E.T. captor, I noticed an object in the very middle of my living room, a hatchet I bought at the market to cut down my Christmas tree to size, and in the opposite corner of my living room the greatest WTF moment of the night, Sgt. Campbell from my platoon was sitting in in the opposite corner with his knees in his chest, dressed in a standard B.D.U., a mirror image situation, with an alien of the same kind standing behind Sgt.Campbell with it's long spindly fingers on the back of Campbell's neck and head inducing a similar trance.

As I made one final push forward, this time lunging straight toward the hatchet, Chaos ensued. The Panicked Alien that was behind me let out a terrifying squeal as the being completely lost control of me and the situation. The Terrified alien ran out from behind me as I grabbed the hatchet, Campbell grabbed the alien on the move, dropped and pinned the being on it's back. The alien had a very long neck with a very large head with big black eyes, if it wasn't for the flesh tone color it looked like a classic grey. On my knees off to the side with a clear shot I slammed the hatchet down and chopped off the Aliens head, Campbell and I were facing each other both of us on our knees with the dead alien between us. Campbell said,"do you think we killed this thing is it dead? I said,"Fuck Sarge I don't even know if this thing has a heart?" Than a blinding flash of light, I mean it was so bright that after I uttered my last word to Campbell the flash knocked me off my bed like a blast , as I came back to my reality and tried to regain my senses I ran to the living room. Furniture and all exactly as it usually is not a thing out of place.

I thought long and hard, the hatchet. 2-soldiers one in each corner with a controller and a weapon in the center of the room. Where they going to fight me and Campbell against each other in a bizarre mind control experiment, with one of us dead at the end of the experiment. Campbell would have murdered me. I was a scrawny little punk rocker, so bad was I, I was finishing my 4 years and getting out. Campbell and I never talked. We were in the same platoon and on different teams. We knew each other but I never worked for Campbell. His crew scared me, I wanted know part of his team. They took Army shit hella fucking serious. We were a support unit and Campbell was one of the few who transferred in from an infantry unit and had real combat training, and was either airborne or air assault and had that patch on his uniform. I would shy away from these cats at all costs, We were the best at what we do during missions, and that's where the Army and I parted ways. I loved my team, we play hard worked hard, and they accepted me as some kid who was just trying to finish his time and let me be me. Campbell's crew was hardcore US Army all the way.

The other fact I was mystified about, Why Campbell? I don't see a stranger or associate you rarely ever think about be become one of the main characters in the most intense experience I have ever had. Trust me not a day went by that I wanted to ask Sgt.Campbell if he ever had a dream about us and aliens? To this day I wonder what his answer would be? What if he said yes

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