App Green Light Has Arrived #Airdrops

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🔥 🔥 App Green Light Has Arrived #Airdrops 💯
✅Review: /5 5/5 🎁 Get 60 GL Digging automatically, 24h click once
👉Link download the app:
CodeRef code: 🎁LAXGD9🎁 (required to show coins)
✅Select android or ios to download the app
✅Register with gmail, enter password, enter Referral code 🎁LAXGD9🎁 Get 60 GL
Ào Go to the mail to get the code and paste it into the second line
ẬpImport captra.
✅ Go to 3 boxes to select Google authentication (2 FA security for the account. And remember to enter the code to press comfirm.
💥You download the Google Authenticator App more about security settings 2FA you just dig GL.
✅Click on the triangle-shaped circle, watch the video and click mining, then enter the 2FA code.
✅Can send coins to each other or to the floor.
✅1 day, click once to mine.
👉Can cheat offline, use emulator on Pc. Cheat 1 to 3 to 5 accounts. Cheat much it locks.
SànLink to sell GL Coin:
EXPLOITATION SPEED ON EXPLOITATION 5 FLOOR: F1 100% F2 50% F3 25% F4 12.5% F5 6.25%

All delicious App for free:
Zalo support group:

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