ZeroBank scores 9.3/10 on Icomarks

2년 전

ZeroBank has been launched with its ambitious vision to ameliorate the traditional money exchange and remittance industry by its ingenious utilization of blockchain technology, smart contracts combined with sharing economy. This project has been creating a huge hype within ICO community. We’ve got much support, attention and praises from not only blockchain evangelists, ICO investors but also ICO review experts.

Based on its assessment algorithm that uses more than 20 different criteria and on the review of independent experts, ICObench granted ZeroBank project 4.1/5 score. Among its rating criteria, ICObench highly evaluated the core team of ZeroBank who adds more value to the success of the project. Also, the review gives us a big thumb up in our business model which targets the tourism market, our full compliance performance with government laws, and our credit scoring and arbitration mechanism to resolve disputes.

ZeroBank team considers each support and compliment as a firm belief and recognition of our project’s potentials to achieve our ultimate goal in revolutionizing the current money exchange market — a better, quicker, more secure, more convenient, and with lower cost market. Recently, ZeroBank project got impressive scores from ICObench — an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts that hardly any reputable ICO project has missed listed upon.

That’s not all. We’re very happy to announce that ZeroBank got impressive reviews as well as top scores from other trusted ICO reviewing agencies too.

We were granted 4.2/5 score on ICOholder.

ICOmarks gave us 9.3/10 score. COINcheckup the ICO research platform, also rated us 4.38/5. And ZeroBank got 4.6/5 score on TrackICO. These reviews by ICO experts around the world are definitely a huge boost for ZeroBank to grow faster and strive even harder to reach our goal as the best money exchange and remittance service provider in the world.

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