No Snow in South Florida - Walking around Green Cay

2년 전

While the rest of the USA is covered under a blanket of snow or sitting in the ditch after just sliding off the highway, I'm walking around nature preserves in South Florida. Yes, this counts as showing off. It's been raining a lot lately, which means the canals and ponds and preserves are full of water. And life. A couple months ago we came to this same park (Green Cay Wetlands) and all the water you see now was...not there.

A long set of boardwalks and paths greet us. Wife in yellow shirt ahead has not noticed I paused to take a photo.

Dueling turtles! They had a bit of a standoff going on, but neither seemed to mind.

I'm no bird watcher, but there were a lot of birds to be seen. And I watched them. So...maybe I am a bird watcher?

Quite a few alligators around as well. This guy was sitting in the greenery with his mouth open. Maybe waiting for a bird to accidentally walk into his mouth?

An abundance of green stuff, wet stuff, and feathered stuff.

Well, hello. This particular guy (a cormorant) kept an eye on everyone walking past, enjoying the attention.

And some generic ducks. Well, one duck. He was scooting towards us, then saw we were looking at him then turned around and scooted away from us.

A good day to be outside and walking around.

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Just add water! The wildlife will come... and they apparently did. Great to see a post like this!

Dudeee, you've got some litty photos there. Also, I say lit pretty much all the time now. I'm sorry.

No snow indeed....though it looks like it wants to rain again. I have a roof leak, there has been enough rain of late ;-p. Hope all has been well man!

Well dang. When @negativer writes a happy sunshine-piece, I expect alligators to come along and eat the ducks, at least. Ah, I get it. The cruelty here is that Neg is basking in sunshine while we're shoveling out.


I've actually been writing a few happy uplifting pieces lately. It helps balance out my darker stories.

Also sometimes my characters don't want to die, and want to do something positive with their lives instead of bleeding out in the last paragraph of a short story. I unchain them sometimes and let them have their freedom and false sense of security.

It's a good thing for everyone.


Neg's characters, unchained! Protesting the usual death penalty - promising to do good things with their lives--if he'll only give them a reprieve. Love it!
This would make a great premise for a graphic novel or comic strip. :) Kinda like that K-drama (actually a Japanese TV show, I think), "W," about a cartoonist whose protagonist refuses to die... and then pulls the cartoonist's daughter into his dimension... I gotta watch this one! Even if you can't stand K-drama (how lame can it get), it's such a fun premise.

I really like this park! Beautiful pictures and the weather compared to the north has been blissful


It was perfect yesterday with a nice breeze and high water level. Quite a few zombies on the boardwalk, but we were able to navigate around them fairly well.


Zombies these days, smh.

Ahhhh so beautiful to see the colors of spring still alive there! Honestly I was just talking about this today here. The snow is really giving me a super good time, but mentally I can honestly say that I am getting ready for some spring time again with some bird sounds (not the crocks though)


I'd be fine with a couple weeks of snow. Unfortunately, I don't get any down here :) Ah well, no place is perfect.

Whoa! You posted something and I missed it! I even have a small army of minion robots set up to watch your Steem account and report back to me when you post... and I still missed it! It is possibly due to the fact that there are approximately 10 hours a day when I don’t have time to do much as peek at my phone, but that’s beside the point. I enjoyed the cormorant and the gator pics and all the fabulous swamp views!

(Weirdly, Steemit teased me into upvoting your post even though it’s about 11 days past payout. Where does the Steem go in such a case, I wonder? And why does the UI even allow that now? Am I just lining some rich person’s pockets with excess Steem? So many questions....)