How can I find the best food on the online ?

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Do you know many people on the online ? they are always finding a new project for food but many project like that on marketplace. In my opinion , if you want to a new project like that , you can visit Allsesame project
Allsesame is a new generation of food network and they want to create many people on the online together with a food lovers . That is a reason , in this year this project will increase and a big community for food cause this is opportunity for you to apply this project now.

Allsesame application blockchain technology and AI technology into your project for supporting users when they want to apply solution of Allsesame now.
They impetusing to development business idea including :

  • The traditional businesess is really important now but they will risk on the online about legal , traditional financial , insurance ,.. on marketplace.That is a reason , Allsesame will unify it and creating about Allsesame with high solution.
  • Technology is necessary for industries 4.0 now cause Allsesame application that on your project. The make it different of Allsesame is application blockchain technology into your project for implement users when they want to transaction with Allsesame now.
  • KYC ( know your customer ) is the best of Allsesame now , when they want to apply any project , you need to KYC on that platform .Allsesame want to you transfers to easily so they want to you KYC for them . That will help them and you were transparency with togethers .
  • Smart contract application for you and you can buy and sell this token to easily
  • Any payment is going to “ Trust “ and you can be patiented when they apply
    That business idea is going to push Allsesame increase in the near future and many people feeling comfortable when they apply with this platform now.
    There is token on this project and this token is going to circulation ecosystem so you must to buy this token . It name is STT and now they Pre-ICO on exchange , you can buy with a big bonus and affordable price now :

You know many people are always cooking if you want to create happy family or relationship now. Cook is going to help you for that and choose a food is really important . That is a reason ,Allsesame create token and this token will increase in the near so demand are always increasing in year by year.
Whereas, they have high solution for restaurant and people food lovers on marketplace .
Problem of you :

  • Restaurant is always working schedule . You don’t know what time is this close/open ?
  • Fake reviews – that is too bad for you restaurant
  • Promote is important for any restaurant but don’t have customers buy then you hold on your storehouse .
  • Delivery erea will help you about sales of store but you don’t know
    Solution for you :
  • Feedback system keeping your restaurant increase and many good feedback
  • Promote on last minute and end of the day deals will help you sales many many foods on your storehouse.
  • Allsesame is integrating AI( Artifical Intelligence ) and ML ( Machine Learning ) for help you about deliver
    Road map of Allsesame :
    In this road map , you can see , that is really long-term vision and increase year-by-year

Advisors and professional team working
Team working :

Advistors :

--> Including : this project is really well for you , if you are a food lover . I think this project is the best choose for you and now.How do you feel when they have a cook with the best foou feed , you make your family or friends to happy and they are always take together . That is the best emovation for you .
How do you feel this content ? Comment on below . Have a nice day !!!
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The best food will help you take care healthy . That is a reason , Allsesame will help you for that .