Announcing the LUMA Token

3년 전

Today our team is incredibly excited to introduce our native token to the world.

At Alluma, our vision is to provide access and education to the next billion people on the blockchain. The Alluma exchange will provide the opportunity for users to access highly liquid cryptocurrency markets and engage with the Alluma Training Academy to learn the ins and outs of the crypto world. To support our vision and fuel our ecosystem we’re introducing Alluma’s utility token: The LUMA Token

Luma logo ORANGE (1).png

LUMA will power numerous aspects of the Alluma ecosystem. The LUMA token is an ERC-20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and its use cases include:

  1. Settling Trading Fees
    All users will have the ability to settle trading fees on Alluma’s Exchange

  2. Alluma Loyalty Program
    A first of its kind membership-based tiered loyalty program

  3. Community Voting
    Participation in Alluma’s product developments including token listing initiatives

  4. Alluma Training Academy
    A digital education platform to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

  5. Token Sale Platform
    A platform for the next generation of technology companies in emerging markets

  6. Decentralized Chat
    P2P chat allowing users to connect and communicate throughout the Alluma ecosystem

Our token site is live, learn more about LUMA here:

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A project with such a strong team and such a promising idea will very likely become popular.

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