Here are the phrases that you need to constantly repeat on Honoponopono method.

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I'm sorry
Forgive me
I love you
I thank you
Here are the phrases that you need to constantly repeat on Honoponopono method.

With these magic words comes cleansing of memory, which stores the negative thoughts. It does not matter, you realize them or not. Main repetition.
What do these words mean?
The phrase "I'm sorry" - is your message to the higher mind that you regret the negative programs that penetrate into you.
Forgive me - it is your request for help to forgive yourself.
Thank you - the method hooponopono is an expression of gratitude for their help and support in dealing with the problem the best way for you and others.
I love you - a phrase which aims at achieving a zero state by reconnecting with the divine mind.
In general, the goal of any human - to reach zero. That is, get rid of the blocks that are programmed life and attain the state of emptiness. Then there is the magical thing. Miracles. In this state no longer needed intentions that go from memory. (Although they, too, are activated and produce certain results). The "zero" God sends you inspiration, some ideas. And you just have to translate them into reality.
The main idea of ​​the method is Hooponopona full responsibility for his life and its outward manifestations. All around - a reflection of the mental programs that control a person's memory. All lyudi- is a reflection of your inner blocks. No need to fight with others, you need to realize that they have to reflect. And then begin to apply the magic formula, focusing their attention on it. And so, repeating "I love you" and other phrases you reach emptiness. Love helps you with this. It cleanses and gives light.
We need to love everything in and around it. This is the meaning of life - the unconditional love of self, to God, to the people and the world ... Even the walls and other inanimate objects need to send this magical light that will heal, not only you but also others.
This power, the power of love God has bestowed upon you, and you should learn how to use it for the benefit of the whole world, including himself.
When you are with someone meet, you tell him mentally "I love you." When you go in the room, clean it with these words. When taking food, too, say the words of love and gratitude.
Clean all that is in the outside world and in yourself and your life will change for the better. You will become a truly happy man.
I'm sorry
Forgive me
I love you
I thank you


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What a very positive message. Thank you for spreading good positive insight.


Thank you so much ))))