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DAGO Mining

What’s up folks! today I will present all of you with Best forthcoming undertaking DAGO-MINING.

Most recent few years when Bitcoin at most elevated cost, crypto mates were occupied in mine BTC, ETH and other mine capable coins.

We have found in news that numerous individuals take power at mine crypto in light of the fact that power cost is high and we need enough power for run the mining machines then we can win cash just by mine crypto however utilization of power we can’t manage the cost of staggering expense of power for mine crypto, so here is the arrangement of power DAGO-MINING.

Presentation Of DAGO Mining

Dago mining is independent sustainable power source crypto based undertaking. Dago will create vitality from daylight with the assistance of nearby planetary group and they will store the warmth for produce vitality in night and batteries will be use for spare electric power also. DAGO MINING will change over environmentally friendly power vitality to electric power with the assistance of close planetary system, heat exchanger, steam turbine, generator and different machines also use in this task to deliver power as should be obvious underneath in picture.

In tempest days when daylight and warmth will be not accessible then they will utilize the breeze turbine and hydro as we have found in movies and recordings like huge fan kept running by high wind weight yet they simply consider it yet not chipping away at that yet.

In any case DAGO mining won’t charge any additional expense on power utilization. DAGO mineing make green sustainable power source electric p-plant and they won’t expand the expense of power in future. DAGO mine will be not charge any expense per Kw plan but rather just yearly support cost 0.01 $ per Kw and 20-year guarantee on plant’s segments.

For this situation they will acknowledge installment in DAGO token that is ERC20 ethereum blockchain based token.

We will utilize DAGO token to purchase control/power with 30% rebate. Holders of DAGO token will get great rate from mined digital currencies.

After produce power they will utilize mining machine like ASIC and GPU that is accessible effectively in market.

Presently we will discuss ASIC and GPU that will use in mining crptocurrencies.


DAGO group will utilize ASIC CHIPS for mine crypto and they design the mining programming that will give steady and better hash rate. They will likewise utilize most recent tech of mining like Antminer L3 , Antminer E3, LITECOIN SCRYPTER PRO 900MH/S RACK MOUNT MINER, INNOSILICON A5 DASH MINER X11, GMO excavator B3 and ASIC digger 44Th/s.

They will likewise do best to cool the chips of excavator will water and oil and the don’t incline toward air for cooling digger.

Utilizing of water and oil can show signs of improvement hash rate, Improved execution, Improved equipment unwavering quality and utilize less power and give player hash rate As we can find in picture underneath yet not same like this, only a precedent.

2: GPU

DAGO will utilize Nvidia illustrations cards, GTX arrangement like 1080, 1080ti and titan xp and furthermore they will utilize MSI designs card.

They will utilize 7 or 8 GB memory illustrations cards. We can say that they will utilize designs those utilization less influence and give better hash rate, for this situation they gain enough cash in ease of power.

Presently we will discuss DAGO token ERC20 ethereum based token. There are 150 million dago tokens fo deal.

DAGO token cost is $1 per token yet we can purchase at underneath $1 on the off chance that we purchase at pre-deal or pre-ico, at that point we can get reward.

We can purchase DAGO token with Bitcoin, Ethereum and charge card effectively. After deal unsold tokens will be singed and that will great effect on token esteem. There are three phases of offer like Pre-deal, Pre-ICO and Main-deal.


DAGO pre deal officially live, 12.30.2018 and pre deal will be end on 05.11.2019. On the off chance that we purchase DAGO in pre deal, at that point they will give 30% extra methods on the off chance that we purchase 100 tokens, at that point we will get 130 tokens in wallet. On the off chance that we purchase over 3000 dago tokens, at that point they will send more tokens as a little something extra.

After pre deal there will be a pre ico 05.11.2019 12.00 UTC to 06.11.2019 12.00 UTC After pre deal they will begin ico stages (organize 1, 2 and 3). ICO organize 1 going to begin 06.11.2019 to 07.11.2019, after the stage 1 arrange 2 will be begin 07.11.2019 12.00 UTC to 07.20.2019 12.00 UTC and Stage 3 07.20.2019 12.00 UTC to 07.30.2019 12.00 UTC. So after 3 organizes there will be a last stage 07.30.2019 12.00 UTC to 08.10.2019 12.00 UTC.

On the off chance that the dago venture does not gather $4 million assets in deal, at that point they will discount the assets to speculators however I am certain they will stretch around hardcap on the grounds that venture is exceptionally strong and vision is novel.


There is an accomplished group behind this task and they are for the most part working for quite a long time in blockchain industry. Other colleagues you discover on site.

group dao.JPG

That is it for the present and they will make more declarations related venture in not so distant future and on the off chance that you need to find out about undertaking so for you office I referenced all connections related task underneath.

Have a decent day see you once more. 🙂

Website: https://dago-mining.com/

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/DAGOMining

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dagomine/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dago_Mining

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/client/Dago-mining

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/document/d/1Dc3VwSk2vmnOCaawe13cgMXmwOM4_SrR/see

Medium: https://medium.com/@dagomining


Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5114211

Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5121156.0



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