Week 4 - Vertcoin(VTC) -$100 a week on low-cap coins +FREE VTC

4년 전

Investing in coins I don't currently have. $100 a week for at least 10 weeks. Giving away free crypto each time I invest.

Week 4 - Vertcoin (VTC)

Market Cap - $21,570,916
Price - $0.581678
Supply - 37,083,947 VTC
$100 nets ~172 VTC coins

What is Vertcoin?

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency that is aimed at being... a currency. Usually I prefer coins or tokens that have a specific utility or specified use other than just sending payments, but Vertcoin is one of the few exceptions. The reason? Atomic swaps. Vertcoin will be the first cryptocurrency, along with Litecoin, to experiment with atomic swaps. Atomic swaps are swapping currencies across different blockchains. You can trade Vertcoin for Litecoin straight up without needing an exchange getting in the way and tagging on their fees. In theory atomic swaps should work between any two cryptocurrencies that have both Segwit and Lightning Network implemented. This reason alone is enough for Vertcoin to catch my attention.

But there's more...

First off it's made to be ASIC resistant. This means that you don't have to have specialized hardware to mine it. This increases the security of the network by encouraging a wider distribution of mining power. Anybody can mine Vertcoin with widely available hardware. It's aim from the beginning was to further decentralize the currency.

The development has also focused on privacy by developing stealth addresses. The public blockchain that most cryptocurrencies have is what helps make them so secure. Nodes all over the world are all looking at the same information and agreeing that the transactions are the same. When you create a stealth address, when someone wants to pay you they can use this address to generate a unique key known only to them. When you import them into your wallet using your stealth address, only you and the person paying will know the combination of addresses needed to view a specific transaction.

There is a small team working on Vertcoin but the fact that it has been around for a long time and it had innovative developers was enough to make it my coin this week.

I will be giving away 50 VTC coins. Just leave a working Vertcoin address in the comments by Friday, July 28th and a winner will be chosen at random.

Week 1 - GridCoin
Week 2 - BitBay
Week 3 - WeTrust

Update: u/_whatsthismean on reddit gave me 10 more VTC so I can have a second place!

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@quantson - 50 VTC
@stlcp - 10 VTC

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my post. I'll pick a different coin every Monday off of Bittrex.


:D thank you much! I was having a rough day but your random kindness was well timed. I'll keep telling my friends about these cool alts. What a great community


Congrats to the winners. 😁

Awesome post. Wish i had seen this back when you did Gridcoin. Have been crunching with gridcoin for a while now. Back when it was SETI@home screensaver.
Will be following you for the next installments.
Vertcoin address : VxMqyLYepKnDeXuisF2oSaqH6ANGES4RVh

Thanks for the post and good content.


Gridcoin is the reason I started this. I heard about it and looked into it and just assumed there were a bunch of people like me who didn't pay much attention to the lower coins.


And I found gridcoin cause i was looking for something to use all the potential miner hardware I have laying around. lol Nothing good enough for big coins but trickle of small ones. :-) thanks for supporting small coins and small fry, xD
just incase you or anyone feels generous. heres my Grc : S9V7RYapWTiYQtTJVPrpns458qf5BWv9n2

Thanks :-)

You are a hero my friend :) I hope you will reach your goals with your kind gestures :)



My only goal is to spread awareness. Good luck this week!

Woo! I love you Vertcoin!

This is a great idea @oregonpop - I'm doing a STEEM giveaway right now, but doing interesting altcoins sounds like even more fun, and helps promote more platforms we care about.



Thank you.

Been mining vertcoin lately!



Thanks to some cool dude on reddit, you win second place. 10 VTC sent to your wallet.


Thanks for the giveaway Gl all.



Thank you for raising my awareness of Vertcoin. New to cryptos, but always trying to learn about up and coming coins.


Follow me on Steemit. I do a new coin every week. If people like it I can keep doing it even after the 10 week trial phase.

@oregonpop feel free to link to this on the r/vertcoin subreddit. We love to see Vertcoin content!


Never even thought of that. Thanks!

Hello! Thanks for the advice, time, and give away! I'm doing the same with my friends to get crypto into the mainstream

My address is VbZsw9QrjhaeLvSD2QZBZib5VBnsDJhEYF

Thanks again!


That's my end goal. The more people aware, the better!


randomresult.com picked you First. 50 VTC sent to your address!


You're such a day-maker! Best of luck in crypto, thanks for your research, posts, and kindness... I'll spread the word as well :D

Appreciate the info on Vertcoin and the heads-up on the other crytpos. Wading through the crypto weeds is tough, it's nice to have views from others. VTC address:

Great way to spread the word and to get people talking about new coins. I've recently picked up some VTC for the atomic swaps and stealth addresses combo. Interesting to see!
Thanks for the giveaway, you da man!
VTC address: VhWB1UDUfxH4oCUzbNb7ncCuxd5s6PYHKY

Great post. I've been mining VTC on and off for a bit and I think it has a lot of potential. VTC was also just added to LTC's roadmap too. Hopefully atomic swaps happen soon. There is a lot of room for growth.


Thx for great Post, my VTC adress:


here we go :D

see some "small upgrades" :)



Yes sir. Gotta try new things!

Thumbs definitively up

Thanks for highlighting the functions and uses of Vertcoin. I have been looking at how it relates to the larger picrure and am pleased to see that it is similar to LTC, as I am long on that.
Vertcoin address:


Yeah, it looks like Vertcoin and Litecoin are a tag team at the moment trying to work on atomic swaps. Could be amazing!

  ·  4년 전

Besides the chance to get some free coins, these posts are great because you basically just gave an elevator pitch for the coin. Great series.


Thanks @bru. I don't see enough "quick info" about lesser known coins, that's for sure.

I kinda like this coin!

adress - VpsmfmgqjkfdraMnTwAJcocr4DNDhNF6xH


It has some pretty breakthrough possibilities!

Never heard of it before, looks nice, I will do more research about it.

my address:

Awesome Work Man. Missed Your previous three giveaways. Really looking forward to the coins :) Will be following and upvoting you from now on VertCoin(VTC) Address VnKEZFrJ26yCWsjSU5wQhMtnkNb8ZVp8zf


Thanks man!

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Nice to see that you do this giveaway. Goodluck to you all.


  ·  4년 전

This coin will boom when Ethereum goes POS.


Hello. Can you explain why ETH going POS would help VTC? I'm curious as a holder of VTC. Thanks in advance.

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thanks for this intro to vertcoin :)
I have never really looked into this coin, but it sounds quite good ;)
thanks for the giveaway :)

Here my VTC adress

Thanks a bunch for doing this, but vert coin definitely has alot of potential, and I'm especially excited for the atomic swaps.

Found this on reddit btw, followed!


If atomic swaps are successful, I imagine a lot of coins will adopt Segwit and Lightning Network. One step closer to a truely decentralized exchange with no fees.


Absolutely, I had someone tell me that Litecoin gets used as the testing grounds for Bitcoin, and that Vertcoin is used to test out Litecoin capabilities. Maybe we will see Bitcoin eventually enable atomic swaps with litecoin, then we would be able to use Vertcoin (and others in the future) anywhere that accepts Bitcoin.