Altcoin Exchange Trading Experiences: I wish I had more spending money :(

5년 전

So another day at alt coin trading and it seems that I have learnt a few valuable lessons:

  • Learn how to HODL your current coins. This is probably the hardest thing to do because you're looking at your portfolio and wondering whether you've made a huge mistake or not. Just HODL, things will normalize again.
  • My experience is that this is a very different market than a few weeks ago. Given that I started a few weeks ago I think that I am unable to do day trading under these conditions.
  • This is the time to actually buy into long term coins. Unless you're an insider, it is very hard to perform consistent day trading under these conditions. This is when I wish I had more spending money to buy my coins.

Coin market cap is suggesting that the market is shrinking, so I consider this as an opportunity to get in at a cheaper price.

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Great advice, find a few coins that have long term prospects (like Steem) and HODL for the long term.