AltCoin trading experiences: Always trade on informed choices

5년 전

These days I have been experimenting with day trading. The goal that I wanted to achieve was to make really quick small profits many times during the day and hopefully rake in some profit that way. Sadly, this didn't work for me

I made loads of bad choices (mostly based off the top volume coins of the day) and boy did this go wrong really fast. My main problem was that these were not informed choices. This was extremely stupid and I am probably more convinced that if I were to put all the coins onto individual pieces of paper, spit in the air, and wherever the spit landed would be the coin to buy; THAT has more chance to be effective than what I did. This is how you get SLS, PTOY, DCT into your exchange account and you're losing on it. Fortunately, I mitigated this risk by buying in extremely small increments, so I saved myself

Maybe I'll understand the exchanges enough to do some day trading, but today is not that day. So please, when trading, make informed choices and don't just guess your way through. Chances are that you might get really burned. My Digibyte is still at 0.00001699.

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