Jeff is STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMED..IT must be watched!

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Hey guys, I am making this video about Steemit the platform, as I have been gradually learning about for several months now. The more I think about it, the more I believe in the direction they are taking it. For once we have a social media platform offering to pay us for participating instead of asking us to upload our data for free. Even if you don't like the investment opportunity with Steemit take a look at the model they have put in place and share your thoughts.

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The @altcoinbuzzarmy is here! BOOM! I'll be sure to make a post about you guys in a few days to all my followers :)


thank you so much!

Im watching the video right now! Would mean so much if you guys could follow me and read my content. You guys are amazing and my inspiration! Keep up the amazing work :) ALTCOIN ARMY!!!!

Great video, thanks. I also believe in the future of Steemit. Facebook will go like MySpace & others before.

You guys are awesome! I follow your YouTube videos everyday and have been such a huge help. I've only gotten into crypto last September and all your videos are very helpful.

Steem on!

love steemit, You should transfer your steem to your wallet for more voting power. upvote the army.


I think I need to do that, thanks. I'm learning the ropes.


will do good call!

welcome to steemit altcoinbuzz I watch your youtube videos already! cheers :)


good article cryptocultivate


Thanks man, means a lot!!!


yes indeed!

I follow you on youtube :)

if you get a chance take a look at ALQO

Signup with Steemit after watching the video, this is an awesome platform without a doubt. Keep the great contents coming, really appreciate your @altcoinbuzz works.

Best news I've had all weekend! Seeing you guys on Steemit. And the videos talking about it are fantastic too. This platform is going to have a massive 2018...Can't wait to see what you guys do with it!


so nice of you to say!

Finally you guys are here !!!

This is a great article because Steemit is definitely an example of how all social media platforms will have to operate in the future since users will migrate to social media platforms like steemit and DTube because they will get paid for it.


thanks stefanram!

Steemit is the future of social media. The only issue is I think it isn't user friendly enough for mainstream adoption. The markup language isn't ubiquitous for everyone. Anyways great to see you on this platform Jeff.

I was so hoping to see the Alcoin buzz Army end up here. This will be a great way for everyone to show appreciation and also for Jeff and the others to give back as well.

Altcoin Buzz is the best Crypto channel on youtube and where I learned about cryptos and altcoins. Thanks Jeff!!!


very kind!

Nice post altcoinbuzz! We need more people like you in the Youtube community to bring more attention to the Steem Platform. Once more people know about it it's going to go to the moon.

the first person i followed on here has got to be altcoinbuzz!

this is a pretty fun platform. i can see it really growing ...just thinking about what i want to do on here!


Nice to see Altcoin buzz on steemit

So keen for this platform! Love the work you guys put in and the videos that come out of it, keep it up!

Awesome to see you guys here, I've been following and watching your youtube channel for a while. Can't wait to see more awesome and quality content! Keep up the awesome work

Its only a matter of time!



Hey did you hear that some MMA fighters on Bellator are getting sponsors paying in cryptocurrency?!? Not only is Bellator paying their fighters better than the UFC they are also setting up crypto deals?! Thats pretty cool. Hopefully this will brighten you spirits today while the market is a little down.. The future looks bright!!!

So glad you are on Steemit to! Altcoin Army is spreading! so awesome @altcoinbuzz

Awesome! Alcoin Buzz on Steemit. I've been following Jeff for a while and I enjoy their show.


thanks bill!

Just got on Steemit thanks to you. Let's see how we go!

So glad you're bringing more visibility to this amazing platform. It can be intimidating for noobs to get comfortable with Steemit, but I think that the buzz will grow to a roar and people will push through the learning curve to get involved. Keep up the great content Altcoinbuzz!


wow, well said!!!!

Yeah, I like my friends to get paid for their information. I've been looking for you.

It is cool like you said. I am getting paid to listen, vote, comment or just hang out. The more you look the more you get. This Format is for real. I pick up something new every time, without infomercial, popups all the crap. You see what you want to see. You get to talk to anybody you want to talk with. Haven't been in very long but what I've seen the people have been really nice that I have met so far. Most of the content is way over my head.But I'm learning. When I hear people like you and other Steemians I'm glad they started a cool place to evolve. Dam even I can be somebody one day.

Not been on my steemit account for over a year, I'm loving that my favorite youtube channels are steadily migrating to this platform. Cheers jeff for bringing me back. Here to stay this time!!! P.s love the the channel, Good work.


awesome, thanks!

Super awesome to see AltcoinBuzz on Steemit finally! Always watching your YouTube! Keep up the great work! :)

used to watch you only on youtube. glad to see you guys are on steemit now... much prefer to use this platform to get my altcoin buzZ

Just Got my keys today! Here due to Altcoin Buzz Youtube channel. Feeling my way around this site. Its like an archaic combination of Youtube, Google and twitter.


yes yes!!!!

Entered Steem because of you guys. Will start seeing my videos here. Thanks!


Thanks @altcoinbuzzarmy I've joined Steemit because of this video! Great platform.