Altcoinfantasy: get paid while learning to trade!

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Have you ever been interested on learning to trade but you don't do it out of the fear that you will end up losing all of the money you invested? I bet this thought has come to your mind, and for good reason! no one wants to lose money, unless it's not real money...

Yes! you guessed right, this is what Altcoin fantasy is all about. You can basically experiment and play around with the trading system that works like a normal exchange, this way you will avoid the fearful task of putting your money at risk (this is not recommendable specially if you are not experienced with trading).

In this opportunity I will teach you how to practice crypto trading without any investment, without losing your beloved money, and the part that everyone likes, MAKING PROFIT FROM IT!

How do I join Altcoinfantasy?

This is the contest running right now and sponsored by Utrum, 2000$ in prizes!

If you want to join this great platform, all you need to do is head to Altcoin fantasy official page and follow these easy steps:

  • When you open the page, click on the "play now" button.
  • After this, the page will give you a tour through the platform to learn how to use it. Follow the steps to get a grasp of the system and learn how it works!
  • Once you are done with the tutorial, click on "complete profile now" and fill out the format, you can use your email or join through your Facebook for faster. (I recommend to read the Terms and privacy policy to avoid misunderstandings.
  • If you register through your email, open it and confirm your account.

Voilá! now you can start trading for free, no risks! 🎉🎊

Oh, I almost forgot it!... if you want to earn 500 ACF (points to participate in raffles and contests) you can join through my referral link we will both receive 500 ACF points :)

The trading system

The trading system is pretty much similar to any cryptocurrency exchange, and the coins distribution and market are mirrored from the Binance exchange (important note: only these two things are mirrored from Binance, other features may change).

When you start a contest, you are given a determined amount of money(fictional money), usually it's 100.000$ but it may vary depending on the contest. The goal of the game, like in real trading, is to make as much profit as possible before the deadline.

They usually divide the prizes between the top 50 players, the trader who lost more in one trade, and the trader who made the most in one trade. Of course, the ones who are higher in the top win a bigger piece of the cake! ;)

This is how the order book looks in Altcoin fantasy.

As you can see above, you will find four tabs:

  • Buy coins: Here you can choose the coin that you are going to HODL, just press the "buy" button and write the amount you want to buy.
    You can do it either manually or by using the percentages showed below (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). Like cyptocurrencies exchanges do, it will charge you a small fee.

  • My portfolio: the coins that you already bought and you think that are going up to the moon! 🌑🌛

Here you can see the price at which you bought your coins, and the current price. If you are loosing money, it will show a red arrow and if the current price is higher than the price at which you bought the coin, it will show a green arrow.

  • Open orders: This is in case an order hasn't still been completed. This is not very common in Altcoin fantasy at the moment, but it may occur depending on the supply and demand of the market. This is also important, because you will see this when you start trading with real money on an crypto exchange.

  • Trade history: This shows all the transactions, earnings and losses you have performed. It's very useful if you want to know at what price the coins were before.


It's moment to try your luck ladies and gentlemen! 💲💸🎰

This is where your prediction abilities come into play. As you can see in the image, you will have to predict the price of the Bitcoin at the moment the raffle ends. If you guess the exact price, you will win the prize pool. If no one guessed the exact price, there will be multiple winners and the prize will be split among the closest predictions .

Note:predictions that go over the price at the end of the contest don't count as winners even though they are close, only nearest lower predictions will count.

So, in a nutshell this is what you have to do to participate in a raffle:

  • First thing's first, It costs only 100 ACF for each prediction. However you will need to have 1000 ACF as a requirement to participate. Enter daily and invite friends to get more ACF.

  • Write the price at which you think Bitcoin will be by the end of the contest.

  • Press the submit button and cross your fingers 🤞🖖

Private contests

This is one of the things I love the most about Altcoin Fantasy. You can create private contests to compete against your friends, colleagues, classmates, family, your dog? 🐶


Alright let's ignore the bad joke. The best part of this, is that if you invite 20 friends to the contest, the admins of Altcoin fantasy, will add a prize of 10$ in bitcoin for the winner, a good motivation to learn right? also there's a lot of privacy if you don't want anyone else to enter, because only the people you invite will be able to join :)

How can you create a contest?

Creating a private contest is very easy. After you click the "create contest" button, you will need to:

1) Create a name for your contest and add a description.
2) Decide if the contest is free or if players have to pay a fee to join, this way the fee will go to a pool to be given to the winners of the contest. (Fee contests are not available at the moment)
3) Establish the duration and the minimum amount of players required to start the contest.

Earn points by entering daily and referring users

ACF points are the official currency of the platform. The more ACF you have the more chances you have to participate in raffles and contests.
I know that there are a lot of referral web pages out there that basically obligate you to invite people to be able to interact and earn profit, but Altcoin fantasy is not like this, of course you can increase the amount of ACF by inviting friends, but if you join everyday to trade, you will get 100 ACF daily, and as the contests last approximately 7-10 days each and normally don't cost more than 500 ACF, I'm sure you will always have enough points to join the trading contests!

What's the benefit of inviting friends then? you can create entries for the raffle as many times as you like, and this increases a lot your opportunities to win.

Note: your friend needs to make at least one trade for you to receive the points.

Redeem and referral system (screenshots)

Be in the top and win bitcoin

Besides getting prizes for winning contests, there is a top for users who have made the most profit throughout the season, this means that if the sum of all your network value is high, the probabilities of getting into this top are higher!

As you can see rightwards, the top 3 traders who invited more friends to Altcoin Fantasy win 25$ dollars in Bitcoin, so it's worth it to explain this to your friends, so that you can both get benefited.

Don't be a cheater!

Image taken from here and edited by me.

Be careful with this, the admins of Altcoin fantasy take this seriously, if you are a cheater you will get banned.
Multiple account are not allowed, if you create more than one account with the same IP address, all of them will be banned.

Why is this? If they allowed users to create multi account, player would be able to increase their chances of winning and taking all the prize pool with no effort.

Also, you can't use any program that affects the system of the trading game, otherwise you will receive a permanent ban.

Remember, easy come easy go!

My personal experience

I have to admit I have 0% experience when it comes to trading, I didn't know anything about this, but I always felt curious about how it worked and since this is a very profitable business (if you know how to do it right), I decided to learn more. But when I realized I can lose all of my money in a single trade, I freaked out. Luckily I discovered Altcoin fantasy, and now I can do trading without putting my money at risk (something I don't want to do especially living in Venezuela, lol).

I consider this as a training camp, for those who don't feel safe investing on cryptocurrencies, they can train here to get prepared for the real battle, and the best part is that we don't only learn but earn money for our performance.

Just to give an example, In this contest I got 28th place and won 15$ in Utrum, very good for someone who doesn't know much about trading right? now I feel like my knowledge about trading is going from 0% to 1%, and that's good already :)

This is a screenshot of the contest where I finished 28th.

Extra features

Live Crypto charts!

Detailed Info about all the cryptocurrencies in the exchange

Net worth stats

And more...

Their social media

That's it for today! Thanks for reading, remember to join Altcoin fantasy through their main page or through my referral link if you are a good person and want to help me ✌

Good look at trading!

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