๐Ÿ”ฅ Are Great Profits On The STEEM Blockchain Achievable? Data Analysis On 05/24/2022 UTC. ๐Ÿ”ฅ


This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user jolly-fish has donated 4,350.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction a7b3c691be34fdb0fe8b0999fbe181c685a406ea on 03/25/2022 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user jolly-fish has received from coin-doubler.

103/26/2022165.699 STEEMe40c3857a8a8128a5ac878e14cf18d57938a0426
203/27/2022132.162 STEEM3219b4fd987384343a35c1514a0e7618aebb841e
303/28/2022164.470 STEEMce9cb80d6397f13f56d97f6e0afb384982035404
403/29/2022134.354 STEEMe8e6bb1457dd2c931d657ce39f49661c36e2c257
503/30/2022155.319 STEEM4fd7c1250d645664d28a420f12a2fe6f060b8dd3
603/31/2022155.036 STEEM357f7d12a40223d5da3b6b98c5960274b179f43a
704/01/2022154.314 STEEMf77cf921871f0443f4dd80359c1f12d85f1d43a9
804/02/2022149.810 STEEMdc4f330b35e653ad60e56daff2129956c06624ed
904/03/2022155.541 STEEM4ee5d6b17e400ba7ecef83e71e7f1f3a6cbfbe11
1004/04/2022153.295 STEEM8d0d34bd7c26c679ece0d36f095b0b699f510796
1104/05/2022134.502 STEEM6c78b13d294113cfad2b7237df0d2e10dda574b6
1204/06/2022151.656 STEEMe1ea865b8d16f535b53a846258708862e61d6175
1304/07/2022131.036 STEEMdedf948587d14ee6aab8116cdb6e009c9d528b2f
1404/08/2022146.573 STEEM986c2ae4aefc070fa24fadffdc4ec46a8562d14f
1504/09/2022133.861 STEEMb5bec3cd79b8924be69a5c87bc946feea2500434
1604/10/2022140.490 STEEM271e851fa011dd528c55996d22ea638033e35896
1704/11/2022146.679 STEEM965651ddb0a95158a741f1f2b7c6149f3b142add
1804/12/2022147.145 STEEMaf14d51c8beb10d69ba45aea1ad1fdf4c13b97cb
1904/13/2022146.788 STEEM44a2c5ac4391bbb3d9a337d37efcaee096584d60
2004/14/2022136.452 STEEM5df44d966da2ca4bb3f06e479dad4f71afefe90a
2104/15/2022135.083 STEEMc0bd20932cd5b72b9eba1da75f3e7f1f487c8085
2204/16/2022145.800 STEEM3cc8a1e79a4baaf294dc19747a7e0d817f794e79
2304/17/2022171.524 STEEMd3a9dbd21c3fea20227b9408646c3a0b063b8b97
2404/18/2022171.954 STEEM5d5998166ae37de0a62d3f808ec35392abd8a767
2504/19/2022173.951 STEEMa606bd2a402ed4d5afb8f2d20fb9b60002184740
2604/20/2022134.408 STEEM3d4207e53879f661484e72507df3245da31a913d
2704/21/2022149.610 STEEMeab80f2e85d701d531e61f4f58aa4c9a065ddb6e
2804/22/2022154.169 STEEM72c84766c752a5809f1660b27bc933e15fedf792
2904/23/2022149.621 STEEM90ea249c4df61aa9cf6d15a983b6764e306fce1d
3004/24/2022145.901 STEEM308233adfd61192c9aecd24d58a078f980e943e4
3104/25/2022146.347 STEEM34963fb5c24b385c96c4420e2f056ca7c334b39e
3204/26/2022153.672 STEEMf116b315966c669a4463d82f6e0a85de738aec03
3304/27/2022130.573 STEEM31ae97509c8096bf4ee76b36d616a6cc63af4bec
3404/28/2022136.253 STEEMc5aa14c1b261f53bfbf93db6bebf1a0b766562b5
3504/29/2022145.891 STEEM59ccc5e1f34d84ef4acf8f12f3136fa29ab9fc13
3604/30/2022168.540 STEEM0ce90e799bb01c37af32fb1ed3b97fc6f7683dfd
3705/01/2022148.998 STEEMac14ed39c9f291b3c402e7d3d9349752100eb1ab
3805/02/2022135.336 STEEM9d835f4bea38db6d28a4104dc7c7e5808d80ffd5
3905/03/2022138.316 STEEM59eefa025518f3a98dea75bbc566126e7e4e6876
4005/04/2022158.830 STEEM888ca96cc846775630d932dec833f0c67e95ea41
4105/05/2022172.664 STEEM6938296889d49381e151ab058450c02706ae65ca
4205/06/2022172.756 STEEM92c132ee8fd0a95d63ac08a6036fbc546b9de54f
4305/07/2022155.518 STEEM79299fd7be224c77e01b6e88365653d08b5978f0
4405/08/2022161.521 STEEMddee6f14b0871a12549a3d8e5d548a6482a1e839
4505/09/2022156.827 STEEM24617e629f688a4884919738e43fdc637b601222
4605/10/2022147.514 STEEM1fe991a9cafe28ac57f0160b2ff64a0c2c809405
4705/11/2022138.410 STEEMd1cd7f843bf0e5c451940621ed3f60e5341b7892
4805/12/2022143.328 STEEMf21417c89ff4a18f4291f2b0246ea4a4d5ce3242
4905/13/2022138.967 STEEM9741eab99b397d8cc20bf5dfdaa3eec2631628bb
5005/14/2022168.146 STEEM92e461ea8685717cacb79b467e3bbb8ec1efd19c
5105/15/2022149.041 STEEM0195614f5e1359ddd4c73705dc1aeeab95bdff06
5205/16/2022143.914 STEEM305e5e081041c4343ff67cb1aa3dd938c46d8e0a
5305/17/2022166.093 STEEMc552890e23bb885b8a4510fe95ade09197913a5d
5405/18/2022164.185 STEEM7fee40f996b33d48c5e23089c090a66ea74ed799
5505/19/2022146.438 STEEM25675c3a46e20466e563e4eab2951268073ddb9e
5605/20/2022144.562 STEEMf48003feef1bbd5e27f055cc94c3be8a522077c7
5705/21/2022162.392 STEEM1d4ab2beff1d4f3a28a106ca43727d0d0da2f3f5
5805/22/2022137.765 STEEMc856e9de8d8cb3866f4ac4ab478c60824bb1e27e

Total: 8,700.000 STEEM


The user jolly-fish has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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