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A few days ago I decided that I wanted to buy some Veritaseum on the Etherdelta website. The site prompted me to download a Chrome plugin called Metamax. I followed the instructions to download Metamax, and my account was accepted. I then went to Coinbase and purchased $10 worth of Ethereum. Without thinking I went directly back to Etherdelta to get an address to send the funds to. To be honest I was excited and I forgot to use the Metamax plugin, but my account on Etherdelta accepted the transfer from Coinbase. I then tried to deposit the funds from my account in to the trading platform, but a message came up directing me to Metamax. When I tried using Metamax, another prompt came up advising me that it did not provide service to Canada. The end result is that I have funds in my Etherdelta account that I cannot access. In essence I have lost my deposit. Although it was only $10, be careful not to make the same mistake that I did. If I had gone to Metamax in the first place, all of this could have been avoided.

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@durhamprof. Sorry to ear that you lost money. Thanks for sharing. Experience of other good or bad is what is and will make the crypto world better and more reliable. Again, sorry for your loss ... but I'm sure you'll be back in the money pretty soon. 10$ should be recovered here in steem just for share such experience. Good luck.


Thank you for your kind words, but the mistake was mine. I just want to make sure that no one else makes the same error and ends up losing a lot more money than me.

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