[ICO] October 20th Cryptodex (Index Pool Platform & Education Portal)

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Cryptodex is a cryptocurrency pool platform which gives individuals the ability to expose themselves to the digital currency sector without requiring a comprehensive understanding of the markets, complex trading strategies, or blockchain technology.

Hosted exclusively on OpenLedger, one of the most revolutionary Decentralized Exchanges, each backing is converted into Cryptodex tokens, which insures that holdings can be audited, cannot be manipulated, and are always transferable.

As an alternative to simply buying and holding Bitcoins, or any other single alternative cryptocurrency, Cryptodex tokens are comprised of portfolios of cryptocurrencies curated to mitigate the risk of non-diversification.

Updates: https://cryptodex.io/coming-soon/

Slack: https://cryptodexslack.herokuapp.com/

About: https://cryptodex.io/about/

Blog: https://cryptodex.io/blog/

Team: https://cryptodex.io/team/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoDexPools

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptodex

Email: hello@cryptodex.info


ICO launch is on October 20th

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This seems like a great idea. Thanks for the info. I wouldn't say I'm new to cryptocurrency but it never hurts to learn a little more. I'll be signing up for the newsletter after I post this. Thanks again.