Homeschoolers & Unschoolers on Steem @ 18 March 2019

3년 전

I am sure there is great potential to build a vibrant community of homeschoolers and unschoolers on Steem.

Steem is such a perfect fit.

Thank you to those of you who responded to my previous post looking for Homeschoolers and Unschoolers on Steem.

I have begun to compile a list to encourage networking and sharing. If anyone doesn't want to be on this list just let me know.

This is list will run alongside, and overlap, with the list of Homesteaders and Preppers on Steem...

If you are a homeschooler or unschooler who would like to be added to the list comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

Homeschoolers and Unschoolers on Steem @ 18 March 2019




United Kingdom

  • ashtv @ashtv , [ England, West Yorkshire ] [ Jan-2018 ]
  • radicalpears @radicalpears , [ England, West Yorkshire ] [ May-2018 ]
  • Enrica | Red @redrica , [ England, London ] [ Jul-2017 ]






I am sure there are many more?

If you know any homeschoolers or unschoolers on Steem do let me know - either in a comment below or via Discord (Pennsif#9921).

But if it is someone else please seek permission from them before telling me, unless the information is already public on the blockchain - just in case they don't want everyone to know.

Thank you.

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Hi I’d love to join please! Thanks @minismallholding for letting me know :)

Thank you for putting this list of homeschoolers together @pennsif! If I think of any more I’ll reach out.

I would still like to be added to the homesteaders list if possible. I prefer not to provide my exact location so using USA would be fine :)


Hi @crosheille - I have now added you to this list ^^ and to the Homesteaders & Preppers list...


Thank you! 😃


Imin the USA by the way. :D


Now added to the new list just coming out....

@radicalpears you (and me) should be on this list! :)
Fancy being a part of it?


Yeah! This looks great.

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Hello @altlife, please add @ashtv and @radicalpears to the United Kingdom list please :)


Hi Ash & @radicalpears - both now added to the list.

Hi there,, I'm in RSA Please add me ;-) @altlife


Good to meet you, Now added to the new list...

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I have been homeschooling in North Carolina USA for over 20 years.

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You are now on the new list.

I am homeschooling in the USA. I write about life in general, but homeschooling is one of my topics. I'd be glad to be added to the directory.


Welcome aboard, now added to the new list.


Thank you!