Some clothes that resemble an object.

5년 전

Have you ever seen someone's clothes look like an object by accident?
Yet again fun woaa streets. Startled to see something like a shirt
Come'on for example.

Ha ha ha. His dress is Similar Stabilo. Forgive me Mrs. Lecturer. Wkwkwk
Mirip Stabilo.jpg

Oh my god. Her clothes are like Mobile. Uups sorry
Mirip Hp.jpg

Wwoooa. Clothes Similar to the Wall of the Hotel. Amazing
Mirip Tembok.jpg

Similar What is this? I don't Know
Mirip Apaan.jpg

No Coment
no coment.jpg

Beware stepped on grandmother. Hehehe
awas diinjek.jpg

He was ashamed to be photographed. Why can ?
pakaian mirip karpet.jpg

Hehe. Cloth-like casing. Sorry grandma
Mirip Casing.jpg

Holiday time. Must harmonious brother
baju serasi dengan tas.jpg

Oh. Where is his legs friends ??
kaos kaki dan karpet.jpg

Unintentionally it looks like a credit card friends ....
Mirip Kredit.jpg

That is one of the interesting things in the world of friends.
Thank you for reading my blog. Hope to be entertained.

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