Break the World Record with 1 Million Bees Attached,

3년 전


A beekeeper from China volunteered to be surrounded by one million bees to break a world record. Gao Bingguo from Taiwan Shandong Province China must endure pain during the action carried out earlier this week. Because, he was stung by bees at least 2,000 times. However, the 55-year-old fan of the extreme action said, the pain he experienced was comparable because he managed to break the record of 'the most mobbed bee in the world'.

Gao is very famous among beekeepers. This man already has many titles, for example Number One Beekeepers or Bees King from Taishan. More than 20 beekeepers came and witnessed Gao's action held in the Daiyue district. These beekeepers carry 30 nests full of bees.

Gao, who has been keeping bees for 35 years, began his action by placing a dozen bee queens on his body to attract the attention of other bees. After three hours of waiting, Gao's body began to be filled with bees with only his mouth and nose free of bee invasion. Gao was so relaxed that he even smoked when his body was still filled with bees.

In total there are bees on the body of nearly 1.1 million bees with an overall weight of 109 kilograms surrounding Gao's body. Previous records noted that all bees weighed 85.5 kilograms. After a few minutes of being covered with a bee jacket, Gao's body temperature rises to 60 degrees Celsius which is of course very dangerous. However, Gao looked cheerful because of his success.

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