Amazing Nature Contest - January 2020 - #03. In the winter forest

29일 전

The nature of southern Siberia is amazing and diverse. I live in a city in the middle of the Khakass steppe, but in order to enjoy the mountains or the taiga, I need to drive just over a hundred kilometers.DSC_91301.jpg
Природа южной Сибири удивительна и разнообразна. Я живу в городе, посреди хакасской степи, но чтобы насладиться горами или тайгой мне нужно проехать всего чуть больше сотни километров.

A little over an hour's journey and now we are among the Siberian cedars.
Чуть более часа пути и вот мы уже в кедровой роще.

After a noisy and smoky city, these places are struck by the silence and purity of air.
После шумного и дымного города, здешние места поражают тишиной и чистотой воздуха.

Walking knee-deep in the snow, enjoying the peace and splendor of winter nature, you get rid of the negative mood accumulated in the city, the world becomes clear and friendly.
Гуляя по-колено в снегу, наслаждаясь покоем и великолепием зимней природы, избавляешься от накопленного в городе негативного настроения, мир становится понятным и дружелюбным.

Meeting the forest inhabitants, you are charged with positive energy for several days in advance.
Встречая лесных обитателей заряжаешься положительной энергией на несколько дней вперед.

Camera Nikon 1 S1
Location Siberia

Thank you for reading me
Follow my blog, looking forward to seeing many interesting things
Подписывайтесь на мой блог, впереди нас ждет много интересного

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За ваш пост проголосовал @ru-trail.
Спасибо за ваши усилия по созданию контента на русском языке.

p.s. Сообщите, если вы не желаете получать от нас комментарии.

Спасибо, @ru-trail

Great photos, that looks like a very different world from where I am. I love the curious squirrel! Perfect capture!


Thanks @trincowski. If I had a film camera, I would splurge on the film by shooting this squirrel :)

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beautiful nature
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Congratulations @irvet

This area looks like a forest from the old Russian Fairy Tales that I watched as a child, hehe .. very beautiful pictures. I wish that there would have been some snow here too this year .. is Khakass Steppe close to Mongolia ? I always thought that there is only incredibly cold and tons of snow in the northern regions of Syberia .. I wish you the very best ^^


From the capital of Khakassia, the city of Abakan to Mongolia, about 700 kilometers by car. Khakassia is located in the South of Siberia, where the climate is not as harsh as in the Northern and Central regions.


I always imagined Syberia as one of the last remaining untouched nature reserves on earth ^^ .. and is is soooo huuuuge !


Alas, there are probably no untouched corners of nature on our planet...
And on the territory of modern Khakassia, people have lived since ancient times, stone idols located here archaeologists refer to the end of the third or beginning of the second Millennium BC.

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Любопытная белочка.


Непуганая :)