Amazon's health-care ambitions shouldn't be underestimated, says industry veteran

3년 전

Amazon showed the ability to enter many different sectors while also handling a lot of things at the same time.

Their interest in the healthcare industry is dividing industry experts. Some see them as a non-threat since they are involved in so many areas. Others see them as a welcomed addition to an industry that is ripe for disruption.

Who is going to be correct? Nobody knows at this point but the bottom line is Amazon is going to come up with some interesting ideas as are all the technology companies looking to get into this industry.

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While I do believe that someday the 'solution' to the health-care debacle will be in privatization. I think monopolies will get into the business and replace big names like Aetna and Blue Cross.

These companies will have clauses that streamline care; and, offer opt-ins for 'no care, pain-management' type services for people with terminal illnesses.

That said, I'm surprised to learn that Amazon employees speak of less-than envious work scenarios...long hours, etc.

I don't know the solution; but, I do know that the current system is not sustainable for the average income-earner.

Best regards.