A “Dark Winter” Is Coming In America Indeed!

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A “Dark Winter” Is Coming In America Indeed!
Those of us who have been around for a while and received a well rounded education and life experience know how this ends. We have witnessed many presidential elections and remember well the candidates and their platforms and how successful they were as a result. We have been witness to the rise and fall of nations and can reflect on what they did wrong or what they got right. The fact that a candidate has come so close or might actually win election on a socialist platform means that the America we knew growing up is dead. The seeds of apathy, ignorance, and greed have taken root and borne fruit in our great nation.

Wherever people choose to embrace the belief that our cause is so great and wonderful and righteous that those ends justify our actions has a defective value system. Greed is the easiest to explain of these three root causes. With capitalism there is an agreement between parties. One party requires work to be done and the other has the skills needed to do the work. The party with the skills asks what is in it for me? They have an agreement and when the work is done they complete the agreement with the agreed upon remuneration. Socialism is based in the immoral belief that you are owed something that someone else has earned. This is the same criminal mind set as the bank robber, mugger, thief, looter, and embezzler. As well as criminal organizations like the Mafia, Black Lives Matter, or Antifa.

Socialists point to China as one of the last socialist nations as a model for success. However, once our country’s wealth fades their Golden Goose dies. We have funded their success. They are dependent on us for our consumerism (buying their stuff). They will suck our country dry of its money with the help of elites and then kick our corpse out of its way to the top of the world heap to enjoy and abuse their power.

I’m done with Facebook. I’m leaving this platform to do something more productive like sitting in the garage watching my car rust. To think that I can make a difference with my silly little posts is laughable. I have images and videos that my family members enjoy viewing so I’ll keep the account open, but otherwise I will spend very little time here. The ignorance and apathy seeds are frustrating and are keeping my blood pressure too high. If you think that these predictions could never happen in and to America you are part of the ignorance component of our population. You should have paid more attention in government and history classes so that you could compare what you learned to current events. If you have read my article this far you are definitely not part of the apathy component. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ so I love everyone, even socialists who seethe with rage at others who have more.

A “dark winter” is coming indeed.

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