'First Lady' titled 'Crocodile'

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Melanie Trump and Evana

Now the 'Kaziya' with Donald Trump started by his former and current wife. The US president's first wife, Evana, claimed that she should be given the title of First Lady because she is the first woman. And this comment made her frustrated the current wife of Trump and the first Lady Melaniea Trump.

In an interview to a television show called "Goodmorning America" ​​on Monday, she claims herself first lady, Evana. She went to the interview to promote her autobiographical book. In the memoir known as 'Reising Trump', the trump family is talking about, Donald Trump's first-time son Evanka, Donald Jr., unknown to Eric Trump, how he made them big. At one stage of the interview, Evana said, "I was originally the first wife of the trump. So I am the first lady. '

Evana also said, "I can communicate directly with the White House if I want to, but I am not doing it. Because, there is Melanie and she understands the mistake. Actually I do not want any relation of jealousy. '

"I think it is very difficult for him to stay in Washington DC," said Ivana, showing Melanie's counterfeit sympathy. His mockery was more serious about Trump's second wife, he named him 'Shogler'.

At the same time, Evana has burst into such comments as the current wife of Trump. A spokesman from Melanie Trump's office responded immediately. Stephan Grisham, a spokesman in a statement, said in a statement that Eva wants to get the attention. These comments made to increase his new book sales.

The spokesman said that Mrs. Trump took the White House with Baron and Donald Trump. He loves to stay in Washington. The honor of First Lady of America honored him. He wants to maintain the importance of his position and work with the help of the children, not for the sale of books.

Source: Washington Post

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