All the data from the top 300 users of Steemit: Analysis #2 of the Steemit Whales.

5년 전

Almost 2 weeks ago, I presented to you the data and graphs from the firsts 100 users of Steemit.

Now let me refresh all of this and add 200 users.

I worked the same as previously, I took the data from the firsts 300 users of Steemit from the website SteemWhales. This time a deleted the row with the account Steemit, because this is not a real user but a storage account that help fund the creation of new accounts.

Number of posts vs posts rewards distribution

The average number of posts has increased a lot in two weeks, it goes from 77 to 122, so an increase of 58%. You post a lot people, that's great!
On the other hand, the average cumulative post rewards decreases from 9 355 832 to 8 070 840, so -13%. This is probably due to the fact that I added 200 users to my sample.

We can see that there is a lot of people above the average, in both number of posts and posting rewards. But the percentage is the same as before, 12.3% of the users are in the best place of this graph, in the top right corner.

If we put this graph on a log scale, we can see that there is shape in the distribution.

In the top 300 users, the more they post, the more they get posting rewards. This is interesting because it means that all of their posts is upvoted. (Is this due to the boosts the top users give themselves when they auto-upvote their posts?)

Here is the same graphs with the names. I know it is difficult to read them all, but if you think you are in there, and want to know where, just ask me in the comment and I will make you a personalized graph with your dot in color.

Curation rewards vs posts rewards distribution

The distribution in the following graph is almost linear. With a slight advantage for the posting rewards. But our users are upvoting a let and get rewarded for that, and that is cool.
We can see a lonely user on the left, that didn't seems to have upvoted once.

Estimated value distribution vs disposable value

In blue we can see the total estimated value of a user, and in orange the amount that is disposable (liquid Steem or Steem Dollars).
The value is presented in BTC, as the current exchange rate:

  • 0.0035 BTC for 1 Steem
  • 0.0012801 BTC for 1 Steem Dollars

The same as the last time, the value is decreasing quickly then it slows and almost all of the users have the same value.
53% of the value is held by the top 20. (It was 89% last time, but I counted the account Steemit, which was wrong.)

This week 3.3% of the value of the top 300 users is disposable. Twice as high as the last time. It means that they can directly sell 3.3% of there Steemit goods.

For those of you who wonder why their is users with as much as disposable value than locked value. Two of them (the firsts 2) are blocktrades and bittrex, which mean they have to have liquid Steem for their exchanges. The others and the other hand are users, which could dump their Steem as they want.

Distribution of Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars

The gap between Steem and Steem Power is clearly decreasing since last time, because I didn't count the account Steemit here. But the amount of Steem Power is still very high!

Top 5 for estimated value:

  1. @ned (~)
  2. @dan (~)
  3. @blocktrades (~)
  4. @jamesc (+475) WTF?!
  5. @ben (- 1)

Top 5 for curation rewards:

  1. @ned (~)
  2. @dantheman (~)
  3. @berniesanders (~)
  4. @smooth (~)
  5. @itsascam (~)

Top 5 for posting rewards:

  1. @stellabelle (~)
  2. @cryptoctopus (~)
  3. @donkeypong (~)
  4. @steempower (~)
  5. @xeroc (+69)

I hope you enjoyed my fortnightly analysis. Let me know if I should keep doing it, and if you want to see new indicators here.

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  ·  5년 전

I see my name in a chart! The fortnightly cadence is perfect.

Question @jamesc -- how did he move up so much? What did he do to get that high? Why didn't he show up last time?


@jamesc wasn't previously in the SteemWhales database because there was no activity. I compared steemd's richlist with the SteemWhales data and found he was missing. After I pointed it out to @heimindanger, he (and others) got added.

  ·  5년 전

Thanks @lukestokes, you're the man as always.


Speaking of @jamesc, did you know he is withdrawing about $37K worth in 2 days? Check which whales are powering down at my new #steemapp SteemDown



I really don't know. I looked in the account actually and the owner keys was changed 4 days ago. The account wasn't active until then. But the account doesn't show any powering up or any transactions except from some 4 months ago. It's a bit weird..

Congrats for your name on the chart tho!

Thank you for the info , very interesting , keep up the hard work steemer


Thank you, I will keep updating this!

I love seeing this data analysis. Thank you!

(Is this due to the boosts the top users give themselves when they auto-upvote their posts?)

I think it's partly that and partly the bots run by other whales who are busy and don't have time to curate content so instead they have bots which upvote trusted authors who consistently put out good content. I see that as a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how it's used and how it motivates (or not) authors to continue putting out content which is better than other content out there. I'd love to see more undiscovered talent getting recognized, but that is happening more and more with people being rewarded for doing good "Look at this hidden gem I found!" posts.


I didn't think about the bot of the whales, but you made a point with that.
@gavvet is doing a good job about promoting new authors, but the virtuous circle about the top users out here kind of block the way to little people.

Great work

One of these days I am gonna make the Top 5 on one of your posts.....


I am sure you will, keep posting good content and that will happen before you realize it!

do I see my name on that chart?! .

That's some cool charting, very nicely done!

I love these statistical posts because I am lazy and lack motivation. Nice work, op.


Thank you, I will keep posting for all of you lazy then!

good job! love these data.


Thank you :)

great work :)


Its real time very important data you have collected, looking hard and creative work highly appreciated.


Thanks, I will keep posting then :D

These charts are excellent. I love seeing them so keep em coming!


Thank you, I will keep them coming!

  ·  5년 전

Merci pour ces stats Clement :-)


De rien ! :D