One week after my last analysis, what are the data from Twitter about Steemit.

5년 전

Last week I was telling you about the incredible reach of Steemit on Twitter. Guess what, it is even better now.

Reminder of last week: 162 posts, 126 users, 598 360 reach, 626 214 impressions.

Wow, there is a huge gap between these numbers in only 1 week. An exponential increase of the Steemit precense on Twitter.

+180% posts
+140% users
+10% reach
+100% impressions

600K people have seen at least on tweet about Steemit. This is huge, and we can understand why the number of inscription here is increasing.

Related topic

New keywords, mostly positives. We are now talking about community and social media. Currency is no more the main word, we are diversifying from cryptocurrencies to social platform talk!
The keyword "disruptive" is very interesting. Some people are thinking that Steemit is truly a game changer, that will change the way we see cryptocurrencies and social platform at the same time.


A lot of new countries in our scope. The word is spreading about Steemit, even china is starting to talk about it.
Last week all we could see was USA with 38% of the tweets, they are now at 48% of the tweets. But with an increase of 180% in the number of tweet, that means the rest of the world is also talking a lot about Steemit.
Russia, India, China, Australia and Mexico are now talking about us guys. A lot of countries with a lot of potential for our platform, that is really great.

Share of posts

278 original posts. This is an increase in original post since last week. The percentage of answers also increased from 5% to 9%, people are really interacting with the authors of the tweets, and trying to talk/know more about Steemit.

Random facts:

The official account as now 1426 followers and an average of 3 retweets per tweet.
The most tweeted link is this one which is a really cool article made by Investopedia about Steemit. It was tweeted 22 times.

I hope you enjoyed the read. And if you want to know more about the Steemit presence on Twitter, let me know in the comments.

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Excellent analysis.

Sometimes, obvious indicators are obvious :)


Thank you!
Yes, but explaining the obvious is never a wast of time!


lol, not at all!

Thanks for the update - the map is also interesting, some countries seem to not get anything...


We didn't reach some countries yet, but I am sure we will do soon!

Thanks a bunch for this update and a good read, namaste :)

Great findings! Steem on and keep steeming! Good work.

Let's put that Twitterbird in a cage... Steempty RULES ! Go Steemit !


Ahaha so funny!

Woohoo keep the steem coming from Twitter!!!!!


Yes! That should be fun to see the Google Analytics here and how many people are truly coming from Twitter

Excellent,Growing fast


Yes! More than the double of users speaking about Steemit in one week is very important!

Neat, great post!

I'm just curious, what exactly is a reach on Twitter? I work with digital metrics in technology company and every time we look at Twitter metrics, reach varies depending on the tool we use for reporting.

Twitter has their own reporting tool, which is very useful, but even there it's not very clear. Let me try to explain:

  • Let's say I have 500 followers. And I tweet about steem. Is that an automatic 500 reach? Or does the algorithm take into consideration who is online, or has been online, or is actually reading the tweet? If you are scrolling through your feed without really paying attention to a specific tweet, does that still count as a reach?

Because there are so many cases of "your engagement is 4k, but reach is 9 million", I'm sort of skeptical about taking reach into account when reporting on metrics.

edit: oh boy, then there are impressions :)


Reach is supposed to be the number of person which got exposed to your content. Impression is the number of time your content was seen. So you can have a reach of 5 but impression of 10 if everyone saw your content 2 times.
Since these tierce site have not access to official analytics from the accounts, all of this is estimation based on savent calculs from the time of tweet, the number of person supposed to be online, etc.

The engagement on the other hand is the fact that a user replied, clicked or interacted directly with your content.
So the engagement is always lower than impression and reach, because only a few people are clicking on those links your are tweeting.

I hope you understand why I am trying to say :)

And the best tool for reporting, if you can have access to it, is for twitter


Yes, I always try to use Twitter's native analytics tool whenever I can. I always feel like something gets lost in translation thru API.


So true. And their tool is really great, it give all the important information to run an account. But I don't have access to it for Steemit, so I am forced to bypass it.

  ·  5년 전

Good analysis
Thanks @clement

Looks like it is a high time to start following steemit on Twitter :)

I must confess that I am not a big fan of Twitter but .... anything for Steemit, I guess.


I'm not a Twitter fanatic ether but I have to admit the possibility there are huge. So many people ready to read what you have to say... It is benefic to steemit if we talk about it out there!