Steemit Top 500 users analysis, it's been a long time, let see what happened.

5년 전

One month and a half, this was the last time I updated my analysis. Let see what happened in this last few weeks.

All the data come from SteemWhales. As usual I deleted the Steemit account which is only used to create new accounts. And I selected the top 500 users of the platform.

Number of posts vs posts rewards distribution

The average number of posts increased from 179 to 239. It increase by 33% in the last 6 weeks. The previous increase was about 20% in 2 weeks. We can say that people are posting less than before.

Same as last time, I created 3 group of users :

  • The dark blue are the users whom together hold 50% of the estimated value. 23 users now vs 18 users before
  • The orange, they are the users which hold from the previous 50% to 90% of the value. 179 users now vs 146 users before
  • And the grey, which are the tail that split between them the last 10% of the total value. 298 users now vs 336 users before

The number of the first two categories increased. This means you need more people to hold 90% of the value. The value is somewhat better distributed among the users.

The dots are spreading slightly to the right, but the shape of the chart stay the same. Overall, the more you post, the most you get rewarded.

Curation rewards vs posts rewards distribution

The curation game has changed since last time, with new initiatives as @robinhoodwhale and @curie. The result of this is the large augmentation of curation rewards for the third category of users in grey. More and more grey dots are near the orange dots, with less value (and Steem Power) they get the same rewards as the orange group.

We can clearly see that some users specialized in curation over posting. Their dots are far on the right but not that high.

Distribution of Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars

A big shift since last time. Almost all the SD is hold by the orange category. The top users on the other hand have almost no SD.
However, the blue users holds their Steem while others have less and less. We can think that this is due to their commitment to Steemit and they don't want to drop their Steem for a very low price.

As you can see, the blue group and the orange group have the same amount of SP. This means all together, the orange group have the same voting power as the top 24 users.

This time 9.95% of the total value is disposable and represent 4027 BTC at the current price.

Post rewards vs. followers

The chart is spreading to the right. The follow features seems to work properly and people are following more and more. This change prove the fact that people are following what they like, and not potential high curation payout.

Contrariwise, this chart does not allow to say if the follow features help author to get more rewards/

Reputation vs. Estimated value in BTC

As last time, a big wall of 25 rep. A lot of the users on the top 500 are not using their accounts.
The only change seems to be for the grey category, where users are moving to the right for a better reputation.

Followers vs. Followings

A new chart this time that present us the relation between followers and followings.
The interesting factor here is that people with a high value have a better ratio follower/followings.
The grey category seems to be the more active, and follow more people than others.

In conclusion I can say their is not much changes since last time. The platform is running slow in terms of participation. This is not bad, it means people whom are really interested in Steemit keep coming here and the others left us. Now we need to attract new people and keep posting.

I hope you enjoyed the insights. Let me know what you think on the comments.

If you want to support my work, upvote and follow me. And tell me if you want me to continue this series :)

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A big shift since last time. Almost all the SD is hold by the orange category. The top users on the other hand have almost no SD.

Is it possible that this is due to exchanges being included in that category?


The exchanges was always included in this analysis.
My hypothesis is that people in the orange category are investors that profits of the current 10% interest rate.

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