Steemit Top 500 users analysis, what happened in the last 2 weeks? #4

5년 전

I gathered the data from the Top 500 users of Steemit and made an analysis about them.

All the data come from SteemWhales. As usual I deleted the Steemit account which is only used to create new accounts.

Number of posts vs posts rewards distribution

As always, the average number of post increased, from 150 two weeks ago to 179 today. The increase is about 20% when it was at 16% last time, people are posting more and more on Steemit.
The average posting reward also increase, from 6 806 335 to 7 366 514. Users keep getting rewarded from their post.

Same as last time, I created 3 group of users :

  • The dark blue are the users whom together hold 50% of the estimated value. 18 users
  • The orange, they are the users which hold from the previous 50% to 90% of the value. 146 users
  • And the grey, which are the tail that split between them the last 10% of the total value. 336 users

The number of users in the orange group is decreasing. That means the split of the value is contracting between some users, which hold the same amount with less people.


This is the same chart with the name of the top users:


Curation rewards vs posts rewards distribution

This graph present the posting reward and the curation rewards for the 3 users groups.

The only change since last time is that all the dot slightly move to the right. This means everyone on this graph only improved in curation, and not in posting.

As always, the users with more SP are on the right of the chart: they earn more from their curation than others.
They grey dots are getting closer to the orange dots. The users seems to understand the importance of curation and take it very seriously (and get rewarded for that).


And the same chart with the name of the top users.


Distribution of Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars

The value is estimated in BTC at the current market rate.


This week, 6% of the value is in SD or Steem. That's 1 percent more than last week.
As always, more of the value is held in SP, then in Steem and finally SD. This time we can see that the orange group have almost as much as SP than the blue group. In other word, the total voting power of the 18 first users equals the total voting power of the next 146 users.
The users in grey seems, as always, to keep all their funds in SD. We can guess that they want stability and fear the risk of holding Steem.

Post rewards vs. followers

This week I introduce to you a new chart. This present you the relation between the posting rewards and the number of followers.


As you can see, not so much users have a lot of followers. But it seems like the most followers you have the bigger is the posting rewards.
To explanation can be considered here:

  • Either the users are following people who already succeed in order to see quickly their new post and get curation rewards
  • Or because of the following system, users with quality content get many followers and get a lot of posting rewards thanks to them

In my opinion, since the following system is relatively new, I think that people are following successful users to upvote them early.

Reputation vs. Estimated value in BTC

This is also a new chart, using the new reputation system.


As we can see, the reputation is not influenced by the value of an account. Users with a total value of 100 BTC can have a reputation lower than a user with an account which worth 10 BTC.

The funny thing here is to see the large amount of inactive users. The number of dot at the 25 Rep mark is huge. So many users are not participating in the website even if they have important accounts.
25 rep being the number of reputation you get for a brand new account.

As always the top list.

Top 5 for estimated value:

  1. @ned (~)
  2. @dan (~)
  3. @blocktrades (~)
  4. @jamesc (~)
  5. @ben (~)

Top 5 for curation rewards:

  1. @ned (~)
  2. @dantheman (~)
  3. @berniesanders (~)
  4. @smooth (~)
  5. @blocktrades (+1)

Top 5 for posting rewards:

  1. @stellabelle (~)
  2. @cryptoctopus (~)
  3. @donkeypong (~)
  4. @steempower (~)
  5. @gavvet (+1)

As always, I hope you enjoyed the read and insights.

Follow me if you want to see more, and let me know in the comments what do you think about that.

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Interesting statistics, being part of the gray points group I can say this represents us very well. Most of us don't have a lot of followers and is hard for us to make a high rewarding post but we'll keep working ;)


You've got another follower :)

I wonder who the outlier is in the rewards vs. followers chart :)

Очень интересно!!!
Вижу какой я слабый и беспомощный на фоне вас...

The 25 rep line is interesting. How many accounts have 25 rep?


There is 240 account out of the 500 that have 25 rep.
154 are in the grey group (46% of the group), 81 are in the orange group (55% of the group) and 5 are in the blue group (28% of the group).


Судя по графику - примерно половина ( ≈ 250 )