What about Steemit on Twitter in the last week? Analysis #4.

5년 전

4 weeks passed since the beginning of this analysis. This is a long time and a lot of things happened.

A quick reminder of the previous data:

  • Week 1: 162 posts, 126 users, 598 360 reach, 626 214 impressions.
  • Week 2: 457 posts, 302 users, 658 743 reach, 1 206 097 impressions.
  • Week 3: 470 posts, 329 users, 2 204 103 reach, 2 592 637 impressions.

The number of post is stable. The number of user is increasing slightly, but the reach and impressions decreased a lot since last week. So basically, more people talk about Steemit, but they don't have the same amount of followers than the people whom were talking about Steemit last week.

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Social and media are back again. People talk about the platform and not the currency anymore. That is great for us and our community. We can also see the word "follow", that is related to the "new" feature which allow us to follow (and actually see) what other users are doing.
Ponzi also appears here, some users seems to be skeptical and not trust Steemit yet.


USA trust the charts, with 59% of the Tweets coming from there.
Since last week, a lot of countries "disappears" from this chart. The enthusiasm about Steemit is only persisting in America and Europe.
So if you are not from those countries, tweet about our platform to let people of your country know about Steemit!

Share of Posts

The number of original posts increased since last week to reach 286 posts. This is great as always. People are actually talking about Steemit on Twitter, they write down new tweet to speak about it. The replies didn't changed since last week, this is also good for use, it means that users are interacting with the original tweets, and maybe want to know more about us.

Influential users

Vitalik from Ethereum is one of our most influential user on Twitter. Even if he talked in a good or bad way about us this is great, because it will bring Steemit at the attention of his followers, and some will end up here.


Last but not least, people are using the notoriety of Steemit and Steem to promote their own content. This funny and cool, because it means that people believe in the notoriety of the name "Steemit" and the possibility associated to it.
As you can see here, YOCoin is using the Steem hashtag to promote its own coin.

I hope you enjoyed my post. If you want to know more about Twitter analysis, hit follow bellow.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

Data sources keyhole.co

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nice and informative post! :)
I found Steemit on Twitter and i'm now trying to learn the ropes, 2 posts so far and i have been active with my reading the past few days. This is my new social platform for sure.


You are the proof that the social network marketing is interesting and will help us to get more users.

Im new to steamit, found out abot it from the dollar vigilante who i follow on youtube. Don't know if ill contribute but i love the idea and the platform. Im from South Africa btw!


Hi @frostymulder, welcome to steemit from a fellow South African ... Live in Pretoria :)


That is great to see new people coming here from other social network! Welcome!


@frostymulder... you just did contribute. :)

Thanks for the post!
I think getting more famous people with with a relatively large following on social networks to join steemit would really make this boom.
We should try to reach out to them.


Many people think like you, and make a lot to bring them and encourage them to get here. You should try to reach some too :)

Love your post. Consider yourself followed.


Thank you! I will keep posting then :)

I think that the top 3 best ways to use twitter to recruit for steemit are (1) tweet out the best steemit articles to your twitter followers, (2) change your profile picture and/or background on twitter to include your Steemit handle and the steemit logo, (3) tweet to your favorite twitter users and invite them to join Steemit, (4) most importantly... have a twitter following. lol


I like the fact that your 3 best ways ends up with a 4th option :D

Give us the juicy details

I also entered steemit because of someone's post on twitter

Thanks for your work! :)

I am very active on Twitter and always share my posts there with all the well known hashtags etc. We all should do that :)


It is good for both the platform and your own posts to share them on Twitter, you are right to do so!

So we should tweet more? I have to admit I didn't tweet once about Steemit yet. Will fix this!


We should tweet a lot more to bring new people out here!

Keep the analysis coming. It is really helpful to those who may not want to do the research on their own and are interested.


I will keep doing it once a week, subscribe to see it in your feed :)

as more people post compelling content, and get reward as a consequence, I'm confident we'll see the 'reach' skyrocket. It's just a matter of time.


The reach skyrocketed last week, but you are right, it will take time before we have a constant amount of visibility on Twitter.