RE: Steemhouse Publishing Has a Representative at Anarchapulco

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Steemhouse Publishing Has a Representative at Anarchapulco

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I pulled out of the Isle's anthology plans because of the volatile behavior of Inna, not because of a failure to structure the organization properly. And my guess is that you have no idea what's being taught at Anarchapulco. But again, if WB moves farther in that direction, I'm all for it! (This is not a complaint; it's a compliment.)

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Like I said, we see exactly how the first group's idea of "decentralization" worked out. Not too well, from the looks of it. So I'd be careful with the lectures and insinuations if I were you. Proof is in the results.

  ·  2년 전

Hey, if you can embody decentralization better than the Isle, then kudos to you. Jess and I were the only ones committed to the type of political-economic theories that Anarchapulco is all about. The other members had a different vision, which is fine and I chose to leave. But if you think the Isle was some paragon of decentralization run by a group of anarchists, you're mistaken. I'm still looking for that group of people... 😊


Hi @geke, hi @rhondak!
I was at the Isle to contribute editing services (unpaid as usual) and wanted nothing to do with politics but wherever I go, political conflicts arise, and playing Switzerland doesn't seem to work for me. Seceding from the Union, writing a new Declaration of Democracy or whatever also hasn't allowed me to escape politics. @geke let me know if you find the anarchists. 😊 Meanwhile, I haven't even taken the time to find out what Anarchapulco is all about. Too busy as Admin at the Facebook page for Iowa Cold Cases and writing fiction...


Ok, I typed that before reading all the preceding comments.
Just... no comment on the rest. I call Switzerland