AnarchAWAKENing's 5MEO-DMT Ceremonies; "Toad of the Dawn"

2년 전

The medicine of 5MEO-DMT, which comes from a toad known as Bufo Alvarius has been faintly calling me in the distance for the last year. One of my dear ayahuascero friends was looking for the Bufo medicine back in April. It was then that I began my search for a credible and reliable source for him. I realized that this medicine was actually really hard to come by, even here in Mexico, where the toad lives. And I wasn't really called to it myself until about a month ago, when I really felt this medicine.

It really is true, you know; when medicine calls you, you will hear it. And thanks to a friend who truly respects this unbelievably beautiful and sacred medicine, we have found an incredibly kindred facilitator to host these incredibly sacred and rare-to-come-by ceremonies in February 2019.

Before you click here for availability

first I ask you that you read below. This information comes directly from our shaman, and it's important to know exactly what it is this medicine does - and to be very sure that you are willing to give up whatever it is that is making you unbalanced and sick before sitting with this medicine.

If you are being called to the medicine, we would be very honored to hold sacred space for you.

What is 5MEO-DMT? What does it do?

The medicine of the Sapito is extracted from a toad called Bufo Alvarius that lives in the desert of Sonora, Mexico. A toxin called Bufotenin is extracted from its glands, which when exposed to fire and combusted becomes the organic active substance 5-MeO-DMT. The toad does not suffer any damage during the extraction process.

Organic 5-MeO-DMT is a neurotransmitter that is also found in the human brain naturally.

The human body produces it in the pineal gland; in small quantities during positive moods, how joy and euphoria; and in greater quantities during deep sleep, at birth and at the time of death.
It is considered "brain food" since the brain processes it in a similar way to glucose.

What happens when you consume this medicine?

At the time of consuming 5-MeO-DMT, the body increases the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin, (tryptamine) and enzymes that promote the healing and regeneration of the body, causing the release of a considerable amount of stress ( unconsciously accumulated), thus achieving, unblocking the immune system and causing physical, mental and / or emotional suffering can self-correct and heal gradually.

How is Sapito medicine consumed?

It smokes, holding the smoke inside for a few seconds and then exhaling it.

What is the indicated dose?

Apróx between 25 to 60 milligrams in each shot, but the number of shots and the dose may vary.

How long is the effect?

The ritual / climax time of the Sapito medicine is from 15 to 30min. It depends on the emotional state of the person and how his body reacts. The medicine continues to work for days, gradually and diminished. In some cases, even during later months.

Here play an important role:

the consciousness of the person, the will of the person, the influence of the environment of the person on it, the habits of the person (food, vices, thoughts, emotions). That is, these factors can sabotage our progress in the path of the medicine of the Sapito and our internal healing, if we so permit. Or, they can help us to increase our improvement, our healing, our internal work; if we decide to take advantage of them and use them for our benefit.

The changes in the person's life will be gradual.
In some cases of enlarged ego, the person does not notice the changes, but the people who are part of their environment, yes.

All changes and side effects to the taking of the Sapito medicine are positive. Always for good.

How does it feel to smoke Sapito?

Depending on the state of consciousness or accumulated intoxication, the participant may experience some of the following experiences / sensations during the ritual / climax time of Sapito medicine:

  • Massive release of accumulated stress (conscious or unconscious).

  • Disolution of unconscious cellular memories that cause addictions, compulsions, psychosomatic illnesses, manias and

  • Partial or total disconnection of physical and / or visual reality (since it modifies our perception / assemblage point).

  • Fusion of the participant with his surroundings (being here and now).

  • Sensation of being thrown into the void at high speed (lack of ego control).

  • Sense that the body explodes in thousands or millions of particles
    (when restructuring some networks of synapses in our brain).

  • Liberation of emotions or feelings (repressed during all or all our life (s).

  • Connection with the conscience. Disconnection of the ego as the main engine (especially during the ritual / climax time of the Sapito medicine).

What happens when the ritual / climax time of the Sapito medicine ends?

After having consumed the 5 meo organic Dmt, the participant experiences sensations of a deep liberation of his emotional traumatic burdens and the release of stress will continue for several hours or, even for several days.

The participant finds that his ego was fractured, reduced or minimized, allowing in this way to appreciate and value everyday things with more intensity, having a feeling of living more here and now.

On the other hand, depending on the degree of physical, mental and emotional intoxication of the participant, this can expel toxins accumulated from the body for years.

These toxins will be released by any route of secretion: saliva, sweat, mucus, urine, stool; which is why it is very important to drink water alone in greater quantity than usual for 8 days after taking the medicine (Sapito). In this time, you should avoid any type of drug (marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, synthetic drugs and especially MDMA also known as Ecstasy.).

If what you have read interests you, and you are feeling a draw towards this this beautiful medicine, please visit for more information on our events, ceremonies, and offerings.


AnarachAWAKENing is a completely separate entity from Anarchapulco

We value integrity above anything else, and therefore, our shamans are known and trusted friends who have devoted their lives to becoming students of these sacred practices. We offer an array of different medicines natural to Mother Earth which have been used in ceremonies for hundreds of years.

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