Dark Conspiracies to the Light

3년 전

The American people have been gaslit and manipulated for a very long time. Before you mock “conspiracy theorists” you should do your homework, because people are waking up in realization the truth will not be broadcast on cable news. That to know the truth, is to do your own research.

Power, fame, and wealth corrupts, distorts, and perverts normal behavior and stretches the limits of right from wrong, legal and illegal, but most importantly, what is moral and immoral.

The elite are an insidious class of people globally. As is said, there are no innocent billionaires.

When you spend a good amount of time researching, it takes you to the darkest sides of human nature. Much like the animal agriculture industry, every part of the human is vulnerable to be commodified and exploited. From the sale of our data, the exploitation of our labor, to profiting off our sickness, to far more insidious exploitations such as human organ trafficking to child sex trafficking.

You laugh at #pizzagate; research. Don’t believe there is an elite pedophile ring; research. Doubtful that human organs are trafficked; google.

It’s much easier to mock than to see this side of humanity. To learn how the poor, displaced, orphaned, and/or vulnerable in this world are treated is soul-crushing, will make you question God and humanity (if you still believe in either).

And it’s all in front of us: testimonies to the UN, survivor stories, documentaries, look at the numbers of missing kids....

Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, Allison Mack, Bill Clinton, Jeff Epstein, Woody Allen, R. Kelly, Marv Albert, OxFam, the Catholic Church, Laura Silsby in Haiti, Libya...hell, the Super Bowl. On and on the list could go.

By all means, live in the light; just don’t forget that’s a privilege for those suffering in the dark.

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It's true.. This day in ago.. With the technology we possess.. It only ignorant to not know what's happening.. And the you research and find that the majority of media outlets are owned by 6 groups.. You realize that you will not find it by listening to the mainstream.. I wish I could find a news outlet that wasn't bias..