These People Are Out Of Touch

3년 전

As a man of the left, I don't have any meaningful representation in the United States' government. I've accepted that. Ultimately, the idea of an electoral path towards significant improvement seems far fetched at best. So I've more or less given up beating my head against the wall.

I've slowed down a lot on my political news consumption... But I found this hard to ignore. It's a recorded conversation between Congressman Steny Hoyer of Maryland and a primary candidate running for office in Colorado. As Hoyer explains, as far as the Democratic Party is concerned, the will the people of Colorado is of little consequence when the party is selecting its nominations.

It's little wonder why it has gotten this bad when idiots like this are considered "party leadership" for one of the major political parties. Is there anything we can even do at this point?

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They are unwilling to play by the rules which they themselves created.

We will definitely see more scenes like the one from the Nevada Primary. Only now it's going to be completely justified, since these fascists are totally derailing the popular vote.

as a man of the left myself, which are good steem leftists to follow?

I dont see much of a socialist or progressive presence here