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Prove Me Wrong @Kakfanarchy84

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Is Kafka not working on voluntaryjapan? Does Kafka not have political goals?

Yet ben didn't go even close to that far to doing something like that to Kafka. Kafka literally did and more.

It makes me wonder why you aren't indignant towards kafka

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The only "thing" @kakfanarchy84 is working on is defending genuine voluntaryist principles. The record is there for all to see too. Everyone can go back and look at the posts and replies. We, since I was in many of those posts, were simply defending the truth, self-ownership, and individual liberty.

@larkenrose is doing the same thing.

According to you and those you are defending though, we should simply forget our objectives, stop defending the truth, and drop our ideology. You want us to get out of your way, so you can misdirect and scam more and more people with political action in a system designed to rule them. No thanks.

I'm not going to stop, and I don't expect them to either.

...It makes me wonder why you aren't indignant towards kafka

...I'm not a lackey, or anything lol.