I understood the meaning of history on the example of Steemit and its fork - Golos

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A month ago I was very naive, I thought that if we remove the regulators, then people will go from oppression. There will be a wonderful and magical world of blockchain, decentralization and crypt. There will be no taxes and idiotic laws. But I was very mistaken.

Many people are ready for the terrible muck for a couple of extra tokens. Starting botnets and fake pages for self-ups is the lesser of evils. In my opinion, if blockchain allows this, then this is normal. Although immoral of course. But normal, if people who do it have personally paid for the creation of accounts (it is important!). I mostly talk there about theft, corrupt conspiracies of holders of large SP packages, ICO scams, fraud, flags for posts because of greed and envy.

In general, when there are no regulators, many people become drunk from impunity. Society devours itself. In the end, everything comes to the point that we need to change something. We need to trust someone, to delegate authority to someone. Otherwise, it is impossible to live. Society eventually returns to centralization. Therefore, they say that "anarchy is the mother of order”.

So after a period of anarchy, some honest government bodies are organized. At first it works very well, but in the end the system spoils and corruption appears. It happens because of a flaw in human morality, a propensity for evil. Because of uprising of corruption, there is again a need to destroy administration. The desire to overthrow the unjust regulators apears. Anarchy apears again. And then again - centralization. And again. And again. The cycle repeats.

It is sad, that we can not exist without regulators simply because a lot of people do not have a sense of justice. I wish one day we will not need the regulators. I believe that once the regulators will simply have no work. I believe that will come the day when everyone will live by the golden rule of morality: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.

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Utopia...wonderful world of just people, but... to get there we need to be pure inside. To be honest I think we will not get there for thousands of years, people need to kill the beast within and that's almost impossible.


Hmm ... maybe an excellent result will be when 51% of people will become just. At least in the blockchain it is so... We need 51% оf system to be pure.

I agree with you and wish you a lot of inner strength and wisdom.


Thank you, I wish you the same.
P.S.:It's so inspiring to have someone from around reading me already. :)

Я как-то писала на Голосе, почему многие люди поступают безнравственно в той или иной мере. Это мои домыслы, конечно, хотя и не совсем мои, а вынесенные из разных источников. Если верить теории реинкарнации, то все наши души когда-то жили в теле животных. Людей становится всё больше, и всё больше тех, кто ещё в прошлой жизни был зверем. Вот и живут такие больше по звериным законам. Но когда-нибудь и они станут Людьми. Не знаю, насколько это соответствует действительности, но очень похоже и многое объясняет. И всё, что мы можем - это самим не опуститься до животного уровня и по возможности помочь ближним подняться до человеческого, если, конечно, они изъявят на это желание.
Так что: до идеального совестливого общества ещё очень далеко)


Интересная версия, моя мама бы точно заценила. Она очень любит всякую эзотерику)
Я, скорее, думаю, что просто растет общее количество людей и соответственно процент аморалов. Но реинкарнационную версию тоже, конечно, нельзя исключать полностью)

I agree with this “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.

So, you can visit my poem https://steemit.com/life/@anggreklestari/maukah-kamu-menyadarkan-diri hopefully my poem get some feedback.


It is cool that you agree. But I don't understand language of poem( What is it? (I speak russian)

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