Ruining Your Picnic (July 4th)

3년 전

Once again, “Independence Day” is here, and once again I feel obligated to rain on everyone’s parade by pointing out the hypocrisy and patheticness of all the celebrations going on across the country today. July 4th is now no more than a day when tens of millions of caged animals cheer for the ones who caged them, and brag about how awesome their cage is.

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I’m quick to be down on holidays, but this is one that is justifiably celebrated IF it’s celebrated for the right reason. But of course, 99% of people, as you say, are just barbequeing and waving flags in their usual bewildered stupor, and torturing my dog with lackluster fireworks. Let the freedom-fighters reclaim the fourth and wave the Gadsen, instead of the plantation flag!


@bbblackwell .. read this. The 4th became a holiday much like every other capitalism inspired days. Hope you find it interesting..


That was an informative read. And yes, massa prefers that everything you have comes from him and his ilk, that way he can claim he’s the reason you have anything.

"These two—reason and freedom—are corollaries, and their relationship is reciprocal: when men are rational, freedom wins; when men are free, reason wins."
Ayn Rand

Re Steemed! Great rant Larken. I've been trying to organize a 4th of July protest to bring awareness to these facts. I just posted my own personal 4th of July rant because I was unsuccessful in finding not one person who would be gutsy enough to want to protest with me today. Freedom needs to be spelled, "freeDUMB."


How is the Constitution a treaty? None of us signed it or otherwise consented.

My cage is better than your cage!
If you do not agree, then let me bring a similar cage and force you into it.
Because, i am sure that you will agree, once you are living in a cage like mine.

I agree that most people don’t have a hint at what Independence is anymore . But this was a major step in the world. Declaring we were sovereign and no longer the Kings subject. I know they started breaking there own declaration the next day but we had to start somewhere.


I'm not bashing the Declaration. In some ways it was almost anarchistic. But the people "celebrating" it now are mostly celebrating the new RULING CLASS that replaced King George III ... and very quickly became much worse.


Oh, it’s brutal. Some clown in his costume on leave for the holiday, with his kid waving a flag and saluting... Unwitting chattel bondsman raising signs that say “Freedom” with as much dark irony as if they were doing so from inside an actual cage... and this is supposed to evoke teary-eyed patriotic pride... it’s all a dystopian fucking nightmare.


We agree there.

Happy 4th of July

That's my favourite July 4th tradition. Listening to a Larken Rose video :D.

On Canada day we watched fireworks and instead of listening to the Canadian anthem they played the star wars imperial march theme.

I wasn't sure whether to be horrified or happy.


Holy cow... maybe a little tongue-in-cheek satanist bravado. They get a kick out of that, and they know most won’t catch on.

Same shit in Germany/ Europe , just without Independence Day ...

To me it depends on what you are celebrating. To me the people put down the British establishments rebellion against the people. To me their actions was the great f%#k you to the slavery represented by the establishment. So that is what I celibate on the 4th of July, and I also say the same as our founder's did.

Mainly the people are slaves for the convenience, which is actually the lie. It never is convenient to be a slave. Much better to focus our energy on becoming educated. That way you know who the criminals are by there actions.

I too wish people would stop being slaves. Mainly because as long as there is even one slave, we all suffer the consequences. Down with the slavery!

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Happy Fascism Day, Larken! Great vid

Plastic patriotism and pavlovian state worship have replaced independence as a core principle.

What's the substitute for patriotism expressed for one's country? Everyone is free to forego flying the flag. Free to move to some stateless utopian place or at least search for one. I respect your opinion. I don't see it though.