The Cult of Trump


Psychologically speaking, there is a fundamental difference between someone getting excited about an idea or philosophy (regardless of whether the idea/philosophy is rational or not, and whether it is moral or not), and getting excited about an individual "leader" who is seeking power.

Either one, or both combined, can result in tyranny, when authoritarian power is involved. For example, all the good Nazis were proclaiming, "Heil, Hitler!" and not "Heil this particular philosophical/political set of beliefs!" Likewise with Mao in China, and with the control freaks who have ruled in North Korea: the people were taught to adore and worship the individuals at the top of the power structure, in addition to the communist political theory they espoused.

And, while a bad idea can certainly be the basis of a tyrannical regime, a bad person is usually even more significant. It is a distinctly submissive, weak mindset that is attracted to the idea of a certain person getting their hands on power, in order to (supposedly) "save the day" for his loyal and obedient subjects. Such a mindset is necessarily authoritarian, and necessarily "beta": to be excited about someone having power over you, as well as over everyone else--to have some "strongman" to save and protect you from whatever dangers or injustices you fear.

That is what makes it so ironic that so many Trump supporters pretend to be "alpha," talk as if they are tough and independent, all while playing right into the "cult of personality" game, and trying to appoint an authoritarian master over everyone, including themselves. And in this case, because Trump has no consistent or coherent political philosophy, his followers can't even pretend that it's really an idea they like, aside from whatever particular messenger is delivering it at the moment.

No, the Trump-worship is not philosophical at all, as the guy has nothing even vaguely resembling a philosophy (unless you call delusional self-worship a "philosophy"), and has already flip-flopped on all sorts of ideas, positions, promises and agendas. As such, those who are still zealously cheering for Big Daddy Trump to fix everything are very much demonstrating their own insecurities, fears, mental dependency, and intellectual and moral weakness, while desperately looking to some outside "authority" to take care of them and protect them--precisely the mindset that every tyranny feeds off of.

(P.S. This was also true, to a large degree, about the people who blindly cheered for Obama, but even then their enthusiasm--however misguided--was less about Obama as a person having power, and more about the ideas that he was trying to sell to his followers. In other words, many Trump supporters manage to be even more blindly sycophantic than Obama supporters.)

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People are desperate for a hero.


They won't find any in DC or on a ballot.

i never knew my favorite people were on here
most peoples idols that they follow are hockey players or athletes or rock stars
well the ones i follows are doug casey bill bonner jeff berwick and definitley you mr larken
mr adam kokesh turned out to be a sorry excuse for a human being and if he became president he would probably be worse than obama clinton and the bushes combined the psychopath
have a great day and now i dont have to go to youtube to find you anymore hehe
very dissapointed i wont make it to anarchapulco this year cheers
man i love you guys info on everything from this to that

I find that most Trump supporters are fervently for all his positions, and if some do disagree with certain parts, they won't hold him accountable for his bad actions. This isn't to say Trump is as horrible as the media claims but there is a lot of blind favoritism.

I completely agree @larkenrose. Almost all of my friends and family support Trump and what HE has done. Most of them get angry with me because I don't like him. I have not liked him well before he was elected. He's the king of backroom shady dealings.

I keep getting side-tracked on issues and this is not place. We're talking about his authoritarianism and dictator like behavior. I know it happens all the time all over. As long as there is free will there will be this natural split. Some follow, some completely against and some who are in the middle. Something is going to happen soon.

The key point is the alternative is worst.
I'll let you figure that part out.

  1. The alternative isn't worse. It's the same. 2) Fear of Hillary and the Democrats doesn't explain the cult-of-personality devotion that a lot of people still have to "God Emperor Trump."

I disagree. Trump is "tough love" to all the powers that be. Hillary is just another stooge and typical politician. The fact is , you could say each party has a cult-of-personality devotion. The libertarian party, green parties have the same feel for the "whole group" not one person which is more frightening.


Trump IS the powers that be. Despite his dishonest rhetoric, he is not anti-establishment, and never was. How many more bankers and war-mongers does he have to appoint, how much more authoritarian garbage does he have to push, before people stop pretending that is some courageous outsider? He is just the next puppet of the one ruling class.


Trump IS the powers that be. Despite his dishonest rhetoric, he is not anti-establishment, and never was.

I suppose that is why everyone hates him because he one of them? the proof is in the pudding as they say.

War mongers are hired and fired so far. We'll always have generals that is never going to away.


This is why I get upset. You have twisted this already. This is about his authoritarianism and dictator like behavior and how some of his 'supporters' are more like followers with most following blindly, like those who followed Hitler and Mao.

As for each party having a 'cult of personality" no one idealizes a single person in any of the parties, they believe what a party stands for. As of now I am closer to Independent. I think the party system is broken and needs to be done away with. This shutdown wouldn't have happened if we had a non-partisan system. The Democratic party is out of control, the election proved that. The Republicans are self interested, yet what the party commands they do.

I saw a meme today that very aptly ' Why 5 billion dollars? We could buy Mexico for that much and fix it. '


Nothing to do with his authoritarianism and dictatorship traits you think he has.

You confusing the the support of his supporters ( who actually like the fact deep state/media/government/his own party hate him ) , with thinking he has some ulterior motives of a dictatorship, lol sorry that is funny. Its very clear why his supporters like him there is no confusion about this , people like yourself and Larkin are trying to find excuse why people like him and of course explain it away with some conspiratorial non-sense.

There really isn't reason to do so, its obvious why they do , not sure why make this hard on yourselves.


I don't see where I am making this hard on myself. I guess my comment about this making me upset (funny I used that because I am not.) It's more frustrating. I think the shutdown is preposterous. I think anytime the government shuts down because congress isn't doing what the president wants is when a president over steps his bound. I have felt this way with past presidents.

My feelings towards the man are primarily from what he has defined prior to even thinking of president. He has always felt the rules and laws don't apply to him or that he can buy his way out just because of who he is. I don't listen to the media. It take 4 articles 2 foreign and 2 domestic to get a very vague picture of what is going on.

I admit, I am trying to figure out the mentality of blindly following based on a few words. Why they are very hostile to others that don't think the way they do. Just like I do not understand why the otherside are acting like crybabies. None of make sense to me. I have never felt the need in my life to be that attached to any person to blindly follow.

As for the traits. Start googling and research. @larkenrose took a big step to point out something she has noticed. We aren't the only ones. If you're referring to 'Make America Great Again' Until we fix our problems at home we won't be great. His first step against that was his choice for Secretary of Education. Yes Education MUST be revamped, not destroyed. Thankfully Congress won't let her.


The lesser of two evils is still evil, and the "lesser" aspect is mere speculation. Politics is the bandwagon fallacy writ large, and elections are the false choice fallacy made manifest.

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Larken -

The elephant in the room ignored by Trump Cultists in the comment section is the incontrovertible fact that Trump is a Zionist committed to Israel first. In fact the Zionist agenda dictates the destruction of USA sovereignty and every one of Trump's betrayals can be traced to support of that agenda. Stockholm Syndrome is at the core of Trump Cultism and is exactly the same as supporters of Hillary, Obama, Bush, Reagan, Kokesh and every statist and collectivist since the dawn of mankind.

Be it religion or politics it's a leap of faith. Every leap of faith expands the blindspot in the brain. Individuals are manipulated throught the blindspot in the brain. The 5G Wi-Fi rollout facilitates agenda 21 and if they implement Tesla free energy technology to power their "free"10ft x 30ft apartments with acceptance incentivized by a "free" guaranteed minimum income, it's game over good riddance.

People are desperate for a hero, enter every two-bit satanic collectivist with the coveted advantage of being devoid of conscience. It is no coincidence that today followers of every political party openly reveal they have no differentiation of conscience. The best they can posture at conscience is attempt to excuse their war crimes blood on their hands by saying "well the alternative is worst".

There is no future for men who don't man up. Neither should there be.

Thank you for kicking mud around here.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA