The Mythology Contest

3년 전

Greetings, Steemians! It's time for a new contest!

The winner will get a share of @steembasicincome, and the entries will be judged by my cats!

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I want to hear an ancestral myth of yours!

What I mean, exactly: tell me a myth, or traditional story, from your people. And I don't mean your religious people. If you're a Muslim from Indonesia, I want to hear an Indonesian myth, not an Islamic one; if you're an Irish-American Christian, I want to hear an Irish myth, not a Christian one. We often hear the religious myths and not the ancestral ones, especially in America, where a lot of people have no knowledge beyond perhaps a basic "they're from there" about their ancestors. Also, if you live someplace your ancestors are not from, like, you're American but your ancestors are not Native Americans, don't give me a Native American myth (but if your ancestors ARE Native American, please do). Tell me a myth from where YOUR ancestors are from. If you don't know precisely, you can get more general - like, if your ancestors were brought to America as slaves from Africa, but you don't know where in Africa, you can choose any African myth you like.

If the ancestral myth is a religious myth, then that's fine, like, if you're Jewish and telling me a Jewish myth is both ancestral and religious. I just want to be clear that I'm going for myths from the people you are descended from, not myths from the people who converted your ancestors to whatever religion you are now.

And of course, if you're a mutt like me (hi, six ancestral nationalities here, lol), you can pick and choose!

Make a post about it

...and tag it #ancestralmyths. Put a link to your post in the comments! The winner will be chosen after this post pays out.

I thought this would be a fun way for people to learn about other cultures, or discover their own ancestral myths that maybe they didn't know before! It's still Samhain, so that means it's a time to honor our ancestors! :)

Be good, Steemit! <3

That minnow your mama always warned you about

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So..I just saw this now and here you go. My mother is Romanian from Transylvania. Now we have all heard about vampires. But to hear first hand. Here you go.
Strigoi, the Romanian vampires
Transylvania is often associated with the land of Dracula and blood-thirsty vampires that sleep during the day and get out by night to suck the blood of their victims. But in the local folklore, vampires didn’t exist before the novel of Bram Stoker. Or at least, they weren’t called vampires, but strigoi, undead souls that rise from their grave during the night and haunt the villages, feasting on the blood of the living. The Strigoi are usually assimilated with people who had a violent death or in the case of a Christian ritual that wasn’t fully respected during the funeral.

It is believed that they are afraid of the garlic and incense odor. In the villages that are supposedly haunted by strigoi, locals grease their doors and windows with garlic and eat as much as they can. The little ones wear a necklace made of garlic cloves while they sleep.


Nice! I like burning incense, but I don't know about that much garlic! LOL

We are working on a colombian myth, hopefully going up tonight! We have a whole book written by a second cousin once removed who is a researcher and runs the cultural center of Líbano - there are many good ones and stories of hadas and duendes!


Oooh cool, I can't wait! 😃


Yay, I love it! Thank you for sharing it! :)

Ahh I was hoping to read some juicy stories here...sadly maybe everyone is like me and has no idea really of their family history... on either side! I'm fooked.


Awww. Yeah, I suspected I might not get any entries, but it was worth a shot! 😉


I am excited for you in your contest. I have not an idea of my ancestral back ground I am a good mixture of several desendants. Good luck

Love the sign.

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