Make a heart in Chongqing, Fuyang

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For this reason, the familiar Xiaoxixi can no longer be familiar with it. Its veil is so obvious that it can't capture my smile. Only when the other side has not been to the heart, will the heart rise.

"There are two peach blossom sources in the world, one in Fuyang and one in your heart." This familiar slogan has been lingering in my heart. Tao Yuanming's Taohuayuan disputes are different. I am growing up in Hunan. I also want to explore the beauty of the paradise in Puyang Taohuayuan.

Gongtan Ancient Town

Because the weather is too late, the foothold is set at the "Gangtan Ancient Town of Xiangyang". It is completely different from the phoenix's smoke and fire because of the tranquility of the Raiders.

Get out of the border of Hunan, enter the state of Guizhou, and then enter Chongqing, walk through the towering mountains, the mountains are still mountains, Chongqing is not a "mountain city", Feige also sighs "I want to be the year, the Kuomintang established the government in Chongqing , there is also the reason for it, easy to defend the hard to attack."

In the early autumn night, with the coolness of the silk and the night stars, we navigated to the “Gongtan Ancient Town” and broke into the land of no one. Entering the entrance to the ancient town, I haven't seen the traces of the town. I slowly saw the lanterns hanging in the night sky and the bright, all-colored red. How can you be so quiet at night in the 7th old town? Quietly, I couldn’t hear a murmur. I laughed at the flying brother and laughed. I drove for 8 hours and I was hungry for the food I wanted to eat. It’s hard to see the beautiful scenery. We secretly sigh: the Raiders are all deceptive. .

Gongtan Ancient Town

After the stone street, the wooden house inn stands in the middle of the mountain. It is built on the mountain and lives on the water. A Wujiang River flows slowly, opposite the towering cliffs, and the “Ten Li Painting Wall” of the Lijiang River. "There is a similar skill. Panting and climbing to the inn, there was a moment of rest. For the first time, I stayed at the Hanging House. It was simple and clean. I used the railing to look at the Wujiang River that was covered in the night. This is the beauty of Gongtan different from other ancient towns.

I have been to many ancient towns, known as "Lijiang of the Aventure", "Wuzhen of the Year of the Water", "Phoenix of the Green River", and many ancient towns with less famous reputation. Gongtan is the only one. Quiet to a place where you can really cultivate your body. There are no shops selling along the street, there are no lively bars, some are the quietness of its ancient town, and the narrow streets of the ancient town are faintly seen by the three or five people. This is a place suitable for first love, shy. Choose an inn and order a special dish "Wujiang Tofu Fish", a typical Chongqing spicy taste. For Hunan people, this taste is really new and coveted. The fish in Wujiang is fresh and smooth, the entrance is instant, and it is accompanied by pepper. The dried peppers stimulated the taste buds, and the boat was thrown to the back of the brain. After a full meal, take a leisurely stroll in the streets of Guzhen. The villagers in the town are kind and friendly. The little cocoa is like an elf jumping down the stone road in the ancient town. Here, it is suitable for supporting the elderly, residential houses, raising flowers and plants, and enjoying the Wujiang River.

Gongtan Ancient Town

Overnight at Gongtan, in the morning mist of the hustle and bustle, we set foot on the road of Taohuayuan in Xiangyang.

From Gongtan to Xiangyang Taohuayuan, about two hours drive. Into the peach blossom source, both sides are built of small bamboo, coupled with the antique lampshade, it is also simple. I bought a full ticket for Peach Blossoms, and I entered the ancient wind tunnel. When I talked about the scene of the cave "Meishan Dragon Palace", it did not appear consciously. Most of the caves were the same. The long cave entrance, all man-made stone caves, will not enter a pit-and-pop attraction. It is safe to come, the original cave is in front, it is just a prelude. Gradually deepening, its beauty is very different from the cave I used to see, and I subverted the impression of preconceived. It is a cave that opens up to both sides. We walk through the caves. It is especially wide in the territory. The two sides are uniquely shaped cave landscapes. It is different from the multi-level and narrow of the Meishan Dragon Palace. It has only one layer, but has towering caves and The extended view, the large red light in the cave, and the blue light like the Milky Way galaxy, I was obsessed with this scene, I don’t want to move, and I don’t take pictures to make this beautiful scenery come here. The light of the cave is dotted with the caves of the millennium, adding a different color. Its beauty can only be remembered when it is seen, and no more words can be drawn. Even if you walk into many caves, "the ancient wind tunnel of Xiangyang Taohuayuan is still worth visiting." Walking out of the ancient wind tunnel, entering the "Xanadu Taoyuan" in the Qin people's realm, it is the core scenic spot of Taohuayuan. At the foot of the mountain, the misty fog, the Qin people are farming here, and there is no dispute with the world. Small stone roads, wild chrysanthemums and fences along the road, brewed "vinegar", ancient mills, and small wooden houses, this is the scene of the paradise. When the peach blossoms in the mountains and plains are in full bloom, this place is really fascinating. It doesn't have a trace of commercial atmosphere. The scenes of restoration are also quite realistic, which is enough to give it a good reputation.

I love this kind of pastoral. If I really let me live in this Taoyuan, would I like it? Fei Ge gave me a negative answer, and it was very unlikely to be rolled out and re-born in the WTO. When you are old, it is not impossible to choose a wasteland, build a house, plant flowers and plants, and feed chickens. Out of the paradise, and entered the ancient city of Xiangyang, the ancient city is the streetscape restored after the day, most of the closed doors to cover the house, no longer look at. The trip to Fuyang has drawn a full stop here.

Chongqing, this mountain city, although I have come in a hurry, but its beauty has been imprinted in my mind, although tired, but not disappointed, it is worth to go, after all, you do not know its beauty. The fairy tales are all deceiving. If this Raiders writes beautiful again, you still have to look at the world with your eyes.

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