22 Secret Ways to Raise Your Consciousness To The Next Level…

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What are the 22 angels that exist within you that govern your everyday life?

How can you empower yourself using the divine power of the 22 angels?


What would you do if you knew there were 22 angels within you that controlled your behavior and what happened to you in life? In John Randolph Price’s book The Angels Within Us he shines light on the 22 angelic forces that exist inside your own soul. These angels exist as living energetic forces within your own causal (soul) body that affect your behavior and the kinds of experiences that are expressed in your life.




Evidence of these angelic forces has been written about in the Tablets of Isis in the Great Pyramids of Egypt (Kemet). Each of these angels corresponds to a particular planet, zodiac sign, and tarot card, which further represent their powers and characteristics. Interestingly, these 22 energies have been hidden within the 22 major trump cards of the tarot. The angelic forces are cleverly depicted through the cards symbolism. In addition to being represented in the tarot, these forces have also been represented in Esoteric Astrology as the 10 planets + 12 zodiac signs combined (10 planets + 12 signs = 22 forces).


KEY: By gaining an awareness and understanding of these 22 energies, you can invoke them within yourself through various mental, emotional, and spiritual practices to raise your own level of consciousness to the next level. Here is a list of the 22 angelic forces you can use to raise your consciousness to the next level...


What are the 22 angelic forces that exist within you that govern your behavior and everyday life?



1- Angel of Unconditional Love & Freedom (Planet-Uranus, Tarot-The Fool)

Power/Purpose: unconditional love, realization of true self, freedom


2-Angel of Illusion & Reality (Planet-Mercury, Tarot-The Magician)

Power/Purpose: helps separate truth from falsehood, illuminates mind, corrects 3D perception/interpretation, brings in spiritual messages


3-Angel of Creative Wisdom (Planet-Moon, Tarot-High Priestess)

Power/Purpose: helps problem solving, provides spiritual truth/wisdom, brings insight


4-Angel of Abundance (Planet-Venus, Tarot-The Empress)

Power/Purpose: brings prosperity, beauty, luxury, wellbeing, ensuring supply


5-Angel of Power & Authority (Sign-Aries, Tarot-The Emperor)

Power/Purpose: provides determination, decisiveness, strengthens will


6-Angel of Spiritual Understanding (Sign-Taurus, Tarot-High Priest)

Power/Purpose: helps you grasp the meaning of all things, brings truth, brings open-mindedness


7-Angel of Loving Relationships (Sign-Gemini, Tarot-The Lovers)

Power/Purpose: ensures you make right choices in relationships, brings goodwill & cooperation


8-Angel of Victory & Triumph (Sign-Cancer, Tarot-The Chariot)

Power/Purpose: brings achievement energy, brings determination/tenacity, boldness, persistence


9-Angel of Order & Harmony (Sign-Libra, Tarot-Justice)

Power/Purpose: helps maintain balance/fairness in situations, motivates harmonious living


10-Angel of Discernment (Sign-Virgo, Tarot-The Hermit)

Power/Purpose: brings proper discernment in situations, provides high perception, illuminates darkness


11-Angel of Cycles & Solutions (Planet-Jupiter, Tarot-Wheel of Fortune)

Power/Purpose: helps get you back on track towards goals, ensures connection to Master within yourself


12-Angel of Spiritual Strength & Will (Sign-Leo, Tarot-Strength)

Power/Purpose: helps with will, determination, fortitude, confidence, commitment to spirituality


13-Angel of Renunciation & Regeneration (Planet-Neptune, Tarot-Hanged Man)

Power/Purpose: allows you to surrender old personality, to be reborn into the new Master self


14-Angel of Death & Rebirth (Sign-Scorpio, Tarot-Death)

Power/Purpose: removes false beliefs and error patterns, represents consciousness transformation


15-Angel of Patience & Acceptance (Sign-Sagittarius, Tarot-Temperance)

Power/Purpose: brings patience/acceptance


16-Angel of Materiality & Temptation (Sign-Capricorn, Tarot-Old Pan)

Power/Purpose: provides caution/discretion against temptation, helps you stay centered during tests


17-Angel of Courage & Perseverance (Planet-Mars, Tarot-Tower)

Power/Purpose: provides steadfastness, evokes passion to drive onwards


18-Angel of Service & Synthesis (Sign-Aquarius, Tarot-Star)

Power/Purpose: motivates you to serve others/be altruistic


19-Angel of Imagination & Liberation (Sign-Pisces, Tarot-Moon)

Power/Purpose: strengthens inner eye vision (imagination) and spiritual vision


20-Angel of Truth & Enlightenment (Planet-Sun, Tarot-Sun)

Power/Purpose: provides enlightenment through self-knowledge, illuminates your true identity


21-Angel of the Creative Word (Planet-Pluto, Tarot-Judgement)

Power/Purpose: represents spiritual liberation from physical consciousness by using spoken words


22-Angel of Success (Planet-Saturn, Tarot-The World)

Power/Purpose: destroys anything hindering success, provides opportunities/choices, provide discipline

How can you empower yourself using the divine power of the 22 angels?



  1. Learning- Learn each of the angel’s 1) names, 2) zodiac sign, 3) planet, 4) powers, and 5) tarot card. By studying each angel you can fully understand their characteristics and energetic expressions, and invoke them within yourself. By studying the ANGELS, you are studying the energies that exist within YOURSELF through the practices listed below.
  1. Meditation-During meditation, think about the particular angel you want to invoke, repeat their name and visualize their energetic expression. Continue to meditate until you feel yourself embodying the angel’s energy and/or see a white light. If you begin to see a white light while your eyes are closed, it means you are invoking an angelic being (light being).
  1. Prayer-In order for the angels to assist you, you’ll need to invoke their energy through prayer (internal/out loud). Practice praying from the heart while including the angel’s characteristics and influence in your prayer.

ex) “Thank you to the Angel of Spiritual Strength and Will for increasing my spiritual strength and will, so that I may better empower my family and community against social injustice. With every breath I become stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritual. I will not falter in the face of fear or darkness, for I am steadfast in my purpose. Thank you.

  1. Affirmations-Practice repeating affirmations using particular angels, as needed. For best results, repeat your desired affirmations daily with enthusiasm, emotion, and conviction.
ex) With the Angel of _______________(ex. Spiritual Strength/Will), I am becoming stronger in heart, mind, body, and spirit.
ex) With the angel of _____________(ex. Discernment), I am making positive and wise choices in choosing my relationships
  1. Visualization-Practice visualizing the angels surrounding you and filling you with white light and energetic power. Whenever you need to empower yourself with one or more of these angelic energies, visualize their presence around and within you providing you with the qualities you desire to embody.
If you are interested in learning more about the 22 angelic forces, I highly recommend John Randolph Price’s book The Angels Within Us. Remember, all these energies exist within you. By understanding them on a deeper level you can evoke them within yourself to raise your own consciousness. Until next time, may the Soul be with you.

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