Trolltech Zoo#1 - The most beautiful Peacock tail mantis shrimp

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Hello, I am at the Trolltech Zoo time. Today I will introduce you to the beautiful Peacock tail mantis shrimp (scientific name: Odontodactylus scyllarus). This is a marine carnivorous arthropod that can reach 18 cm in adult shrimp.
This is a very colorful arthropod. The body color is composed of red, blue, green and other colors. The color varies greatly between different individuals, just like the tail feather of a peacock. "mantis" refers to the posture in which they close the cheeks, that is, the two big pliers at the front end of the body, exactly the same as mantis. There is also the temperament is as fierce, aggressive, fearless as mantis! So it is called Peacock tail mantis shrimp, also known as Peacock mantis shrimp or clown mantis shrimp.
Peacock tail mantis shrimp mainly live in the depths of 3-40 meters below the sea surface, usually found in the depths of 10-30 meters. The suitable living water temperature is 22-28 °C. These Peacock tail mantis shrimp are most common in their U-shaped caves, which are usually built near coral reef sites near sandy and gravel areas. If prey (small fish, shrimp, snails, shellfish) pass through the cave, they will attack the prey by sneak attack. The field is very strong and the personality is very fierce.
Peacock tail mantis shrimp has a wide range of life, mainly distributed in the tropical Indian-Western Pacific Ocean from Guam to East Africa. It is also distributed in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.
Peacock tail mantis shrimp is also a pet because of its beautiful appearance, but it must be cautious. If you want to raise it, be sure to be well prepared. Beauty is not necessarily gentle. First of all, Peacock tail mantis shrimp is extremely ferocious, aggressive, and has a strong sense of territory. It is raised with other creatures. It may not take long for it to be eaten as food.
In addition, the two large pliers in front of the body (the front part is single-thorny, the end is very sharp like an awl). The ejection speed is extremely fast and the force is very strong. The front end of the large pliers can be ejected in 1/50 seconds at a speed of over 80 km/h. We have a more sensible statement that its instantaneous acceleration is enough to match or even exceed the bullet of a small 22-caliber pistol with a maximum impact of 60 kg. The moment of throwing a punch, the high temperature caused by friction can even make an electric spark around the water, which is terrible! Therefore, it must be remembered that it must be farmed separately and must be a bulletproof glass jar. It is absolutely impossible to grab it directly by hand, and it is easy to cause serious injury.
According to the research, the vision system of Peacock tail mantis shrimp is unique. The compound eye structure not only can see ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, but also can detect circularly polarized light, and can see the "other world" that other animals cannot see! This is also the reason why it is recommended to use a bulletproof glass jar for feeding. Peacock tail mantis shrimp can see the fish tank and feel that it is imprisoned and will attack the fish tank. However, with regard to the technique of circularly polarized light, a monster with many legs may be more used to fall in love! Its carapace contains a lot of sugar, and some carapace can reflect circularly polarized light, which looks like gleaming gemstones. They use circularly polarized light to exchange and find the right spouse.
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Statement : I am not a science writer, just share some cute animals with you.

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