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I don't know how to call this bird in English (scientific name: Paradisaeidae), but in China, they are called bliss birds, or birds of paradise, and there are other names: wind birds, fog birds, sun birds.


This is a beautiful bird, and some even say it is the most beautiful bird in the world. The birds are also divided into many species, mainly in Papua New Guinea and its adjacent islands, and a few species are found in northern Australia and the Maluku Islands. I personally think that the types in the above pictures are the most beautiful, and the pictures below will be some other kinds.

Most of the bliss birds are males with beautiful feathers, and males are larger than females. It mainly inhabits tropical forests that cover rainforests, wetlands and moss forests. Food is more varied, some eat plant fruits, some eat insects, and some even feed on small vertebrates.



When the males courtship, they will seize the opportunity to show their gorgeous colors and unusual decorations, and use dance, styling and other display movements to highlight their appearance in an effort to win the female bird's favorite (haha, it seems that every species wants Saying goodbye to singles is not an easy task. This process can last for hours. For some kinds of bliss birds, such performances take up a lot of time.



The look of the bliss bird is very beautiful, but the sound is not very good. Their voices are very monotonous, some like a whistling sound, and some like a whistle. However, the bliss bird can imitate a variety of sounds, and there is a "beep" sound when the firewood bursts, and the cat's " meow" sound, the cow's " moo" sound, the charge sound, the trumpet sound, Applause, knocking on the door, and even shooting. In addition, there is a kind of flower also known as the bliss bird.

Statement 1: I'm very sorry, My English is terrible.
Statement 2: I am not a science writer, just share some cute animals with you. The pictures are all from China's online search. If there is any infringement, please contact us.

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