Angora cat

4년 전

Angora cat is a cat with a race that comes from saah one city in Turkey namely Anggora (since 1930 referred to as Ankara) which can be used as a funny animal animals. Angora cat is a very elegant cat with an elegant appearance. At a glance the appearance of the cat is almost similar to Persian cats. You will find the forms that will really do and you will realize that there are cats and babies. Persian cat has a less sharp nose, but the Angora cat has a nose that is more sharp and looks elegant with it. The most striking physical features of the most prominent cats are the Angora cats that have different shapes with muscular ends with a very sharp gaze with tails, long, smooth feathers on the surface of the skin. Due to the long fur of cats with a smooth texture then the necessary routine maintenance is relatively easier for this cat.

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