Goodbye Perla, until we see again. Letter to my deceased dog

4년 전

You were there every day for a long time. I would wake up and go to bed knowing that you were there and that you would be there when I wake up. You never stopped greeting me with your tail full of emotion and with a lovely smile when I got home. I missed you every minute we were not together.

We were the best friends since I was 10 years old and you arrived with only 2 months to live, and our bond only strengthened over the years. Ten years of company, of games, of occupying a place in our home, of being that one unconditional part that we all humans need, to understand that life is more than talking, and goes beyond words. That life is so short that we dedicate ourselves to live it without leaving a trace.

You were not a pet in our house, you were an important part of our family. As someone told me, not many people manage to establish such a strong bond with their dogs and that is why they have no idea of the great love that can be felt for them. I'm glad to know that you and I achieved that.

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During the time you were by my side, you awakened my maternal side. You were the best daughter, the best company and the most unconditional. You shared with me many moments, good and bad, we were happy and we cried at the same time, you consoled me when I needed it the most. You were my best medicine in my worst moments. But, you could not jump as high as before, you could not run as fast or you could not bark as much as you would have liked. Even when you were not capable of some things, you were still the happiest dog in the world and you were still trying to make me happy.

Then came the day, that terrible, terrible day. The day you took your last breath, and left us.

I'm at peace because I know you're in a better place. I know that as soon as you gave your last breath, God took your beautiful and innocent soul to heaven. I know that you've already won your hairy little wings, that you deserve them with all the law, I'm proud to have been able to love an angel as amazing as you. I'm here on Earth and I do not know how you're doing in heaven, but I trust you're really enjoying it. I hope you run through beautiful meadows and perfectly blue skies. I hope you've met my dad and my great-grandfather, I hope you get a lot of delights, that they caress your belly, since I, unfortunately, can not do it.

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I hope that all the pain and suffering have disappeared, that you have recovered the youth that I always wanted you to keep. Even though we are no longer physically together, you will always remain in my heart and in my soul. You were a blessing sent from heaven, and now, God needs you again. Thank you for completing and teaching me important things, life lessons that I will take with me wherever I am, until we meet again. I have had the good fortune of having great teachers in my life but you are among the best. You taught me the meaning of faith and trust, patience and hope.

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In recent years, I've had ups and downs. Arrivals and farewells. Life and death. Triumphs, failures and uncertainties. But regardless of what was happening around me, you were my little anchor stone. You gave me something tangible to sustain me. Keep me on the ground, whole and balanced.

You were, you are and you will be the best dog in the world, go in peace, go quiet that here you did very well, you took care of your home and all your family, you were a true guardian angel. Thank you for all the love you gave me and my family, thank you for your displays of affection and your company, thank you for being the most loyal and brave dog I have ever seen in my life, thank you for your strength and for your tenderness, thanks for the tricks you learned, thanks for disobeying when your instinct sought freedom, thank you for being my pet. We will miss you every day, but living with your memory will be a gift that you give to us.

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miss the heat of your body and the blows in my hand that you gave me while I massaged the lateral part of your snout. From now on I will go to sleep remembering all those nights that you got up to drink water, then you came back and went to my bed to make sure I was still there before returning to your own bed, all those nights when you were walking per room, checking that we were all in bed and at home, all those days when you were waiting at the door for each one to come home again. Thank you for saying goodbye to me, thanks for giving so much to my family, without me telling you to do it. Thank you faithful friend, for replacing me when I was away from my family, and becoming one more daughter. Thank you for allowing me to smile for 10 years and learn the value of loyalty by your side.

Perla, I will always keep in my memory all the memories you left me. How you were happy to see me and you went out to meet me at the door when I returned to the house, moving your tail of emotion and did not stop barking until I hug you. When we were going out for a walk and just seeing that I pulled out your leash, you started jumping like crazy around me so I could put it on quickly and leave. When we shared snacks and fattened together, how much you loved sweets just like me, how you were waiting at lunch time to drop something from the table to eat it. When you made me that beautiful face and you wantedthat I give you what I was eating. How did you bark all over the house to demand your food, when you came to lie under the computer table while I worked, when you hid with me making silence so that no one will find us, when you hid in your den and I went crazy looking for you, when I hid and you found me with your incredible smell and you barked saying "I found you"

I don't understand how there are people who think that dogs don't feel, when you had feelings bigger than many human beings. You were able to have incredible empathy, you knew how I felt and that's why you feel sad to see me cry. The most incredible thing you did was to try to comfort me when nobody else could do it, moaning and rubbing my leg with your little body. You always took care of me and did not let people you did not know approach me when they came to the house. I can't reach the words to express everything I feel and everything you left me.

You were so noble that even when I was mean and did not pay attention to you, you still loved me and you kept looking for me. In your heart there was no place for resentment, only to love..

Sonrisa Perla.jpg
You were and will always be my first baby. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take care of you and show you how much I loved you. During the last weeks I did the best I could to make you feel good. You allowed me to give you your pills, put on your medicine, be aware of you and give you a lot of love. You do not know how horrible it is to come to the house and see that you will no longer meet me. Listen to a sound that seems like the noise of your little legs and see that you do not appear. Go through the places where you always go to bed and stay with the "Perla" on the tip of my tongue to call you and notice that you're gone. I get off the bed carefully so I do not kick you and realize that you're not asleep with your sheet on your little cushion. The emptiness that you have left in my heart is enormous and all members of our family miss you.

Perlita, again I thank you for your unconditional love and for always being by my side. Thank you for having been part of 10 years of my life and having filled them with so much joy. I know you left knowing that you were super loved by everyone in the house.

luvy face.jpg
I always will love you, I will miss and I will always remember my pretty Perla.

perla riendose.png

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Hey @Mjzo,
sorry for the loss of your cutie cutie pet.
@Air-Clinic sends you a warm hug to keep you company.
Cheer up dear!

  ·  4년 전

Thank you very much for your support ... Company is all I need now.
For me, it has been like losing a child :(
I miss her every second that passes.

Hermoso post, tu mascota se debe sentir horada de haber pertenecido a su familia, soy de las que piensa que todos las mascotas van al cielo y debemos hacer todo lo posible en esta vida terrenal para prepararnos para ese reencuentro; a mi me pasó hace muchos años con un periquito australiano, estoy casi segura que cuando le hablaba el me entendía y además conocía mi estado de ánimo, Increible!!!!!! Lo que las mascotas significan para nosotros

  ·  4년 전

Si, ellos son unos seres fantásticos. Mejores que nosotros en mi opinión.
Son seres de luz y espero que Dios algún día nos de la dicha de reencontrarnos con ellos...

Very sorry for your lost @mjzo. Losing a pet is never easy. God Bless.

  ·  4년 전

It's a horrible feeling that kills your soul slowly. I don't wish it to anyone :(

=O que mal.. lamentable por tu peluda =( pase por aquí por tu perfil pues me llamo la atención el comentario que dejaste en nuestro perfil @jayjes sobre la vuela a Venezuela y que te llamo la atención que viajamos con nuestras mascotas, el grupo de España también viajan con sus perritos, creo que todos en este grupo de trabajo tenemos un amor peludo y encontrarme con este post no es muy agradable (es como contradictorio un voto pero perlita vale mas que esto) espero poder reunirnos y hacer algún recorrido y un post en conjunto en la respuesta de tu comentario deje el contacto nuestro. un gran saludo y un abrazote virtual.

  ·  4년 전

Si, la verdad ha sido horrible para mi perderla :( ella era mi pequeña bebé, y la extraño cada minuto que pasa... Gracias por leer mi post, y por compartir tus anécdotas de los peludos conmigo!
Espero pronto conocerte a ti, y a ese peludo amigo que llevas contigo a todos lados ♥

I've had a lot of pets, and these days whenever they die (or animals I attempt and fail to rescue), I tend to listen to this song by Gotye, maybe you'll appreciate. He's singing about his dog having to be put down:

  ·  4년 전

Oh, it's beautiful. I had not heard it, thanks for sharing it with me.
I also have my songs for those horrible days when the mood is just down. Maybe one day we can share our songs together.


Sounds good =D