Dog Breed Series

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So, first and foremost, I LOVE DOGS. ALL kinds of dogs, IMO, they are the most loving creatures on earth! A single dog can make this earth a heaven for us humans.

So that being said, I would start with I think the best breed there is.


Some say MUTT is a derogatory term for dogs, but I say otherwise, mutts make mutts unique.

Mutts are always seen as bad ones, bad temperaments, bad behavior, unknown diseases and etc. You know what I think? That is all rubbish! All dogs are awesome! And a mutt is as awesome as any dog there is!

In fact, of all my dogs, a mutt is my favorite!

Dogs are what you train them to be, if you’re dog is bad, that’s the owners fault not the dog. Specially if you had it as a pup. Proper grooming, exercise and feeding and LOTS and LOTS of love are needed! And lots of scooping of theirs poops as well….

So without further ado, here is, my mutt! Aya!


I dont really mind posting my face, but some of the pictures are not me, and i dont have their permission to post their faces so I will blurr it out for now, or edit it whatever haha.
Pictures are taken from my facebook page, so they are all public, I dont mind seeing them elsewhere, so long as you inform me first.

So that’s Aya when she’s 2 weeks old. Oooh that poochy little thing, you can already see how a good doggo she will be.




Thats her growing up to the the playful doggo that she is!

As I’ve mentioned before, she is a mutt, best mutt there is!
And a good FACT about mutts are, they are MUCH MUCH MUCH healthier than the purebred dogs, You will know this by searching it on google, which there are tons of articles
Like this one

Though some will claim the opposite, or its a toss coin, I would like to differ. Of course theres this always chance that a dog may be sick or would inherit a sickness from its parents, but the difference in purebreds and mutts are, purebreds are bred close to its family, meaning, generations and generations of inbreeding were done to achieve a certain breed, and more inbreeding to keep them pure. And you know what happens if you inbred humans right?

Now I am not saying purebreds are bad, hell no. They are just as awesome as any mutt. They are so specific that you can even pin point what would be their health problem and their behavior. And in this why I think its cool to have a mutt, cause you dont know whats coming! So you really have to take care of it and train it with love and patience.

Mutts are also most often, and dare i say, should be FREE and not sold.

You can and should get them from your friends dogs when they get a litter of puppies, or much better, in shelters! Adopting is so much better because those awesome doggos there need some loving too, and they would love you so much for giving them a chance!

Aya is a gift from a neighbor which we accept wholeheartedly, I mean, come on! Who can deny such lovely face????


Now that I’m at the end of my post, I kinda look back and seem to have bragged about mutts and my dog rather than make a review, but that’s because of my emotions. I’ll surely stick to the topic next time! Hahaha!

Here she is full grown at 7 months



Now she is 6 yrs old! And still as beautiful as ever!

Now go get yourself a mutt! Or a dog! Whatever, just get a dog, they are awesome! Just know that having a dog, any dog, big or small, is a lifetime commitment. If you can’t imagine yourself having tons of time for them, better stick to stuff toys than get a dog and just release or abandon them. There is a special place in hell for people who abandon their dogs.

So there you go! My first post! Next time I’ll post about purebreds, and there are a lot of breeds of dogs that are AWESOME and EXCITING! From the cloud smiling dog Samoyed to the Gentle brutes that are Pitbulls to Baby loving muscled Rottweilers. Till next time! See yah!

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ohh lovely dog - Aya, nice name


Thank you.

Dogs, unlike people, perfectly remember all the good things and quickly forget all the bad things :)


and that makes the dog great

Dog is considered to be the only animal that loves its owner most of all and least of all - itself

The most friendly animal so far, please keep treating her right.

Fifty-eight percent of people put pets in family and holiday portraits.