The reason ants love sweet food

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ants are animals or animals of different types of insects, basically insects called ants are indeed very fond of sweet foods,
It can not be denied anymore because the ant does have a radar or sensors that are very sensitive related foods that are sweet or more precisely sugar, which we already know that the sugar contains glucose.
So you guys do not be surprised, if you find a group of ants who contact your food, but the food is not raw sugar, but like cakes, snacks, or other sweet drinks.
If you again see such an event, it is certain that the food or drink is true to glucose, which will directly signal the ant sensor or radar.

Besides ants have a radar that always hunts glucose,
We already know that ants are one of the many insects that are very active in performing movement activities.
So it makes perfect sense, that ants love sugar as its best food to get more energy, in order to always live and continue the instinct of his work aka his nature as an ant animal.
But the selection of food on ants is also like human tablets.
Let's say, people in a country known to eat staples of rice, it must eat other foods besides rice, such as side dishes, vegetables and drink milk aka 4 healthy 5 perfect.

it is the same thing with ants, besides the staple food must contain glucose or a sweet-sweet, ants also did not rule out the likes of foods other than foods containing glucose.
Like ... if ever you see?
Ever did you see ants clustered around animal carcasses?
If ever, it is ants do because to fill the nutrients in the body with other complementary substances other than glucose that as a substantial food substance.

hopefully this article useful for you all.

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