Amazing Animals Series 1: Starry Nose Mole.

25일 전


I want to start a new series, this time about amazing or strange animals. Those animals that exist but that nobody knows.

Today I will start with the Star-Nose Mole.


Its name is due to the fact that its nose has 22 mobile and flexible pink tentacles, which have great tactile sensitivity.


  • Adults are 15-20cm in length and weigh approximately 56g.
  • They have 44 teeth.
  • Short and abundant dark gray coat
  • Its claws are sharp.
  • Cylindrical body.
  • Sturdy forelimbs consisting of broad feet and large claws.
  • tail, long and scaly with thick hairs at the beginning and tapers as it ends.



It feeds on small invertebrates, aquatic insects, worms, and mollusks.

What makes it Amazing:

Its nasal tentacles, which are sensitive in nature, are bristling with receptors known as Eimer's organs. The star-nosed mole is blind and has been shown to use its nose to detect electrical activity in prey animals so that it can feed. It appears that the species' teething and nasal modification is an adaptation to capture extraordinarily small prey.

Thanks for reading my post.

See you in the next installment.


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